The tendril turned to the fighter, causing him to a duel: “we Must pay tribute, he even video recorded”

Bogdan Gritsay, champion of Ukraine in wrestling, has accused boxer Alexander Usik in cooperation with the Russian special services and challenged him to a duel.

Ukrainian boxer-professional, the Tendril immediately, but still reacted to the word Gritsai, who challenged him in the ring, LigaNews informs with reference to “Russian conversation“.

The boxer recorded a video message to wrestler and all users on the Network. He said that Gritsay snatched his words out of context and misunderstood life and political position. The boxer admitted that he is not afraid to step in the ring and ready to do it. But the fight must be conducted according to the rules of Boxing.

Real men should solve their problems, not like street thugs, and as professional athletes, and need to fight according to the rules.

Simultaneously, the Tendril immediately stated that now it is necessary to choose the venue of the fight and date. Also, both athletes must undergo a medical examination and to permit physicians to fight.


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