All about coronavirus COVID-19 on 12 may

The main news about coronavirus COVID-19 on may 12:

  • Russia is now in 2nd place after USA in the number of cases.
  • Italy will open bars and restaurants from next week.
  • The who has warned about the need for “extreme vigilance” during breaks quarantine.
  • All the mosques in Iran will temporarily open starting today.

Coronavirus COVID-19 spread in 187 countries and claimed the lives of 286 835. At the moment the numbers are growing.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, there are 4 201 921 a case of infection, with 1 467 412 recovered.

Russia reported 10 899 new cases Covid-19 for the last day, thus overtaking the UK and Spain. Now the country is second in the number of infected in the world — there was 232 of 243 cases, with the victims a little more than 2 thousand

At the same time in Italy, which was the epicentre of the outbreak in Europe, with may 18 open bars, restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons.

Statistics from countries where confirmed by the largest number of cases COVID-19:

  1. USA — 1 347 936
  2. Russia 232 243
  3. Spain — 227 436
  4. UK — 224 332
  5. Italy — 219 814

Statistics on countries with the highest mortality rate now looks like this:

  1. USA — 80 706 deaths (26 of them 988 in the city of new York)
  2. UK — 32 141 death
  3. Italy — 30 739 deaths
  4. Spain — 26 744 the death
  5. France — 26 646 deaths

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