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Mining pools of Bitcoin accumulate

Analytical company Chainalysis responsible for data collection and analysis of the block chain, published in his Twitter [email protected] a number of reports that over the past few months, since November of last year, the mining pools held on balance more Bitcoin, perhaps in anticipation of price growth after halving.

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According to Twitter, during the period from October to mid-November, the total volume of BTC on the balance sheets of mining-pools have been relatively stable, the volume fluctuated around 10 000 BTC. However, on November 19, the balance begins to grow steadily, indicating the accumulation of cryptocurrencies.

After “black Thursday” coins BTC on the balance sheets of mining pools has become delayed even more. If on 29 October last year, the balance was 8 579 BTC, then to may 6, 2020 increased to 17 422 BTC.

Mining-bullets are slower to sell in the network of Bitcoin mined.

found may-12.jpg

As of October 6, 2019, the network sold newly mined BTC in an average of 2.24 days, on March 1, 2020, the period lengthened to 3.68 days and then as of may 3, 2020 he became 5.74 day.

Miners are always affecting the behavior of the market, what will happen next – time will tell.



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