A simple risotto for my wife-vegan

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианки

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиMy wife, unlike me, omnivore, vegan. But on her street coming holiday when watching the boring and dull meal of our homegrown vegetarians I decide to roll up your sleeves and make this dull little life. Moreover, after all, nothing special to invent is not necessary, if at your disposal a small Arsenal of tricks true, and therefore outstanding vegetarian (or vegan) cuisine, created by humans for a number of valid reasons for centuries. These tricks just harvested from the shelves of different culinary cultures, are combined in one dish — and here you are, a real masterpiece from a seemingly simple and readily available ingredients. Yes such a masterpiece that the ears will not drag! How to do it? And let’s see. In our today’s menu — a small vegetarian pilaf. Something in him resonates with kanji Chinese, Indian chirom, Japanese drawl, and with some Mediterranean rice porridge. Technologically in common. But that’s what we need.

So I think I’ll take (for a full 4-5 servings):
1. Slightly more than a kilogram of carrots. Solely to squeeze out the juice.
2. A pound of rice. Good rice, for why should we at the rice bad? Before cooking the rice you must rinse, sort (if you use the “peasant” class) and leave to soak in water until it is his turn.
3. 200 grams of dry chickpeas, which before cooking should be soaked several hours in water with a teaspoon of baking soda.
4. 3-4 medium onions.
5. 300 grams of pumpkin pulp.
6. 1-2 heads of garlic.7. 150-200 grams of vegetable oil.
8. Cayenne pepper (optional)
9. Teaspoon cumin (cumin).

First the peeled and washed carrots will send a juicer to obtain about one liter of carrot juice. The porridge we cook on it. It does not matter if for the selected number (or variety) rice juice will be enough. You can always add a little hot water.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиThen put to boil the chickpeas, previously (8-10 hours) soaking in water with a teaspoon of baking soda. After soaking the chickpeas definitely need a good wash in several waters to get rid of the taste of soda. Correctly prepared chickpea is usually boiled for 20-25 minutes — that is, for the time, while we perform other manipulation of porridge. Salting the water when boiling chickpeas is not necessary.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиWhile boiled chickpeas, now’s the time to prepare all the other ingredients. Pumpkin flesh cut like this: about half of the flesh will be cut into three or four large pieces, the other half into slices (or cubes) is less.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиBetter onions cut into rings or half rings. The thinner, the better. That’s all the cooking.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиNow the main thing — mentioned trickery with a minimal amount not the richest on various Goodies products. The cornerstone of trickery — flavoring oil, which is largely will draw complements and even accentuates the taste of the future dishes.
First, warm up the specified amount of oil is convenient for frying and further cooking porridge dishes in a pan, wok, deep frying pan or steel pot. In the heated oil carefully fry cut across the head of garlic without removing the husk.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиRoasted garlic remove, we no longer need, and then fry until Golden brown the part of the pulp of the pumpkin that has been sliced in large slices with a small pinch of cumin. Reddened pumpkin in the subsequent will need for decorating dishes, so as long as catch it from oil and place on a separate plate.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиNow all the prepared onions that much and for which in most vegetable dishes — shock, if not a decisive role. After dipping the onion in the oil, should be slightly reduce the temperature under the pan to avoid any active contents, not to mention scorching. Let him as if passerbys, gradually gaining clarity and decreasing in volume.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиOnions don’t go to Golden state for a very simple reason: the heat treatment continues, when we put the pieces of pumpkin…

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианки… and immediately boiled until tender chickpeas.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиContinue roasting, periodically stirring the contents of the dish, while onions do not show signs of Browning.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиAnd then pour the fresh carrot juice — the whole volume, i.e. 1 litre or a little more.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиBring the resulting sauce to a simmer and make the first sample for salt, which we had not added. Why? Because it is in carrot juice. But enough number — this will show the first test. If the taste sensation of salt it’s not enough to fix this flaw on your taste, is slightly (I stress slightly) sauce perezalil. Because as soon as some adjustments will be made according to the salt…

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианки…add in the sauce prepared (i.e. washed and if necessary moved) Fig. The rice, mix thoroughly with the contents of the meal and start cooking rice at a very moderate temperature, stirring occasionally and adding (if necessary) hot water.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиIf you are using the pepper pods — dried or fresh — it is better to proceed as follows. First you need to cut the top off of the pod and remove beans to reduce the sharpness of pepper. Grain removed with a suitable stick or toothpick. The fact that a feature of cooking this cereal is minimal (in time) the boiling carrot juice, to keep it useful and taste properties does not allow you to boil just the right amount of pepper pods.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиTherefore, making sure the rice is cooked, put in the slide, put in rice hill pepper pods, so that their tops protruded above the rice, and pour the pods inside hot water using a teaspoon, for example.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиSeasoning the rice, top with a teaspoon of cumin.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиOn the surface of the rice put the fried slices of pumpkin.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиRice seal it up with a suitable bowl or lid, removing the dishes from the heat, leave rice to uprivate for 20-25 minutes.

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианкиPilaf is ready! If it’s the right file — on a large plate and slide garnish on top of fried pieces of pumpkin, pepper seed pods, rings of red onion and chopped green onion, pilaf even outwardly seem mundane meal was. And if it gets — with the addition of components that are used to prepare meals — I don’t think that all that you call “just rice”. Although, of course, the case for small — to cook and really try!

Простенький плов для жены-вегетарианки

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