Trump was accused of racism because of the response of the Asian-American journalist

The US President Donald trump said at a press conference the journalist, who immigrated from China: “don’t ask me. Ask China“.

Trump held his first press briefing since April 27, in the rose garden of the White house surrounded by testing equipment, and signs that read: “America leads the world in testing“.

During a session of questions and answers Wazza Jiang, a reporter for CBS News at the White house, asked why the President always emphasizes that the US achieve a greater success than any other country when it comes to testing.

Why does this matter? she asked. — Why is a global competition for you, if every day, Americans are still dying, and every day we see more cases?

Trump replied: “Well, are dying around the world. Maybe this is a question that you should ask China. Don’t ask me. Ask China that question. Asking this question to China, you can get a very unusual response“.

The President then turned to another reporter Kaitlan Collins of CNN, but Jiang continued: “Sir, why are you guys specifically talking about?

The President replied: “I’m not saying this specifically to anyone. I say this to anyone who asks that pesky question“.

The CBS correspondent said,”It’s not a bad question“.

After єtogo tramp turned and left the podium.

The American leader is often criticized for especially harsh or patronizing tone towards women. Jiang was born in China but immigrated to America at the age of two years.

The Tara Setmayer, political commentator, tweeted: “Another shameful, racist, violent manifestation of nature trump, because Jiang he asked the poignant question… trump can’t handle smart, assertive women“.

Earlier in the briefing, trump argued that the testing capacity of the United States “are unmatched anywhere in the world“. According to him, currently held more than 9 million tests. Trump says that now is 300 000 tests per day, and this number will continue to grow.



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