People do pull out teeth, while the dentists in the quarantine

March 16, the American dental Association (ADA) recommended that dentists postpone the procedure until 30 April, to slow the spread of coronavirus and keep PPE for doctors that are at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic.

Similar recommendations exist in other countries, so people have to pull their teeth independently. As reported by the New York Post , citing SWNS, 33-year-old Billy Taylor used a pair of pliers to pull the aching tooth after doctors refused him treatment.

First, Taylor tried to call my dentist, but was unable to reach him. Then he called the ambulance service but he said he “should not come if there is no problem with the breath”.

“My face is swollen, and a headache, he says. – That night I became very ill. The tumor became more and more”.

In the end, armed with a video on YouTube with pliers and whiskey, Taylor began operations. His 11-year-old son Leo watched him in case he loses consciousness from the pain.

Fortunately, the procedure was successful.

“The process hurts like hell. It was disgusting, says Taylor. – I would not recommend to repeat it, if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can crush the tooth”.

According to the Chairman of the British dental Association Mick Armstrong, situations such as Taylor, have become increasingly common as dental clinics remain closed.

“When there are problems with medical assistance, people with dental pain take matters into their own hands, says Armstrong. – Many desperate patients will inevitably resort to “self dentistry”, if we don’t see quick action from the government”.

However, the ADA maintains that it is essential to consult with the experts.

“Before you start any self dental treatment, it is important to speak with your dentist about potential risks and benefits”, – stated in the message of the ADA on their website Mouth Healthy.

In another statement the Association recognizes the need for dentists provided emergency assistance to their patients in order to avoid the load on the overburdened emergency Department.

“The longer dental practices remain closed to the prevention and treatment of early forms of dental diseases, the more likely it is that an incurable disease patients will progress, which increases the complexity and cost of treatment in the future”, – reads the statement of the ADA.


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