Who revealed information about the mutation of the coronavirus

ВОЗ раскрыла информацию о мутациях коронавируса

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The world health organization (who) has not fixed serious mutations of the novel coronavirus. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

Director of emergency Department who in the Eastern Mediterranean Richard Brennan, said that the organization has no evidence of major mutations of the virus. He noted that the who is collaborating with scientists from around the world and analyzes thousands of samples of coronavirus to decrypt the nucleotide sequence of the genome.

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How to write “Rambler” previously, scientists from Zhejiang University came to the conclusion that the development of disease in infected with a coronavirus differs depending on the mutations of the virus.

Scientists have studied the mutation of the coronavirus in 11 Chinese patients, among whom were eight men and three women ranging in age from four months to 71 years. The most aggressive mutations in Chinese patients was identical to those that occur in infected in Europe. Less active were similar to those found in the United States.

According to researchers, the most aggressive strains of coronavirus reach 270 times greater viral load than the weakest strains.

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