Improve immunity for the week: the doctors gave the advice

To harden in the sun or under a UV lamp and resist the acidification of the organism was advised by the doctors to anyone who is preparing to leave quarantine. A weakened immune system can play with us a cruel joke: out on the street, after a month and a half of isolation, a person can pick up the coronavirus, which so long hid. To avoid this, a week or two before returning to active life must pass this course with strengthen the immune system. We have collected the best recommendations.

Повышаем иммунитет за неделю: врачи дали советы

Some may confuse immunity with immunostimulating, that is, the administration of specific drugs. This, according to a famous doctor, Professor ANCI Baranova, not to do: “You still do not know the exact moment when to begin a viral infection, and Immunostimulants should be taken only at its very beginning”. Therefore, it is advised to pay attention to vitamins, which may act more slowly, but without the side effects. Moreover, many Muscovites, for whom there is a regime of self-isolation until 31 may, hurry especially nowhere.

A very important role in the fight against viral diseases, according to Baranova, plays vitamin D. “In our Northern country, approximately 50 per cent suffers from a lack of this vitamin, and 10-15% experience even deficiency of this vitamin. And the older the person, the greater his need”.

The doctor advised to replenish vitamin D to take him at 2,000 units a day within six months. In addition to vitamin D, you can also “fix” the level of vitamin K: “It is the forgotten vitamin that participates in the system of blood clotting. He is her balance: that is when the blood is too thin, it helps her to wind down, and with a large coagulation — thins”.

Another tip from Anchi Baranova for normalization of sleep with melatonin: “In the long-term isolation, many have the day messed up with the night, and therefore we must lead our sleep in order. One pill of melatonin before bed will help us do that.”

My opinion on the issue of immunity was expressed by the physician, candidate of medical Sciences Dilbar Sadriddinov:

Immunity is a complex condition of the body: all metabolic, hormonal processes, the heart, lungs, and muscles. Therefore here is important the whole complex restorative procedures.

Let’s start with vitamins. I must say that I do not support their preformed shape, which is usually prescribed for beriberi. If we for a long time sat in quarantine, no income we need vitamins, that would be needed. But most of us still eats normal and necessary set of nutrients restores natural products.

The same vitamin K strengthens the blood vessels contained in the leaves of spinach, broccoli, eggs, fish oil. It does not need too much, and because it has to grab us food.

Now is the time to eat green salads, nettle, parsley, celery, in any quantity. After sitting in quarantine, I missed the first month of spring, awakening of nature, and therefore now need to engage more actively, to get out of hibernation and enjoy what nature gives us.

But vitamin D is not produced by itself in the body, only in sunlight, but it is short.

– There are in the group of vitamins D variant, which can do with food: oily fish, milk, mushrooms. But not everyone can be afford fish or someone has a ban on milk consumption. In this case, you can refer to biologically active additives — cod-liver oil or vitamins.

But of course, the most ideal supplier of vitamin D is solar ultraviolet radiation. If a person has the opportunity to go in the front yard in front of the house or even to take out the trash, use it, wait a bit for fresh air. If the weather allows, you can roll up your sleeves. From 15 to 30 minutes a day of sunbathing will be enough for you to get your dose of sun.

– What if the storm is loaded?

The clouds hide not the whole ultraviolet radiation, in this case, to stand or walk on the street will have longer. In extreme cases when there is insufficient sunlight you can have a Solarium at home. There are studies that confirm the production of vitamin D in case of brief irradiation with ultraviolet light.

– How to use it correctly?

– For each household device, including the u/f lamp is the instruction that must definitely be read before use. To General the recommendations include: exposure to ultraviolet light for 1-3 minutes a day with mandatory eye protection dark glasses. To adopt this procedure preferably without clothes, but avoiding the loss of the direct rays to the genitals. It is best to substitute for them the back and back of her legs. In taking sun baths for 10 days, you slightly increase the level of skin pigment, so it does not seem to be too pale.

During epidemics of viral infections we do not recommend eating a lot of carbohydrates. What is the reason?

– To enhance the protective functions of the body it is important to observe the acid-alkaline balance (PH). Eating habits, especially the passion of many complex carbohydrate — sugar, highly acidic us, there is an advantage in PH, fertile environment for the development of viruses, bacteria, and related their inflammatory processes.

Not by chance during viral infections, including in the coronavirus, the doctors suggest the patients to gargle with water with addition of soda. This is done to restore the acid-alkaline balance. So in the period of rampant viral infections it is better to refuse or to minimize the amount of refined sugar and other products that affect the increase the acidity (this includes: meat, wheat flour, corn, polished rice, ice cream, cheese, milk, butter, eggs, cheese, peanuts, hazelnuts, potatoes, canned juices, coffee, alcohol).

– Are there any special exercises that help to strengthen immunity?

– It is impossible not to remind about morning exercises, intense walking and running. But to walk and run properly. If you know how to control the frequency of breathing while Jogging, run for health, is important to avoid shortness of breath. Otherwise, you can go on an intense walk. And remember, breathe at the same time it is necessary through the nose.

There are people who are Jogging and brisk walking is contraindicated. I’d recommend a simple exercise associated with the fall with the Chicks on the heel. Not too harsh on your condition to blow was not given in the head. 10-15 of these “drops” per day for the first time will be enough to shake up the immune system. This vibrotherapy improves blood circulation, helps to quickly enter into a state of cheerfulness. Categorical contraindications can be developed kidney stones and the presence of a pacemaker.

In conclusion, Dr. Sadriddinov reminded of the necessity of adherence to the day that we must not enter on the first working day, and in advance of bringing myself up, even if you see only your family, but also about the psychological harmony with the world. “Every day should be greeted with gratitude to God, nature, universe: “We are healthy, strong, we have loved ones, have a job, and that means we demand!” This is not happiness!”


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