“Obamagate”: trump unleashed a “war” against ex-the President of the United States

«Обамагейт»: Трамп развязал «войну» против экс-президента СШАDonald trump has accused Obama of committing a “major crime” in U.S. history, calling it a “Obamagate”. What exactly had offended his predecessor, the US President did not elaborate, but U.S. media associated with sudden lunge of the head of state with the investigation, “the Russian intervention” and the pandemic coronavirus. Why trump has strengthened the campaign against Obama, understood “Газета.Ru”.

U.S. President Donald trump has accused his predecessor, Barack Obama of committing “the biggest political crimes” in the history of the United States. In what is suspected ex-the President did not elaborate, but called this story as “Obamagate”.

“It lasts for a long time, [and began] before I was elected [President]. Happened something terrible. This will never happen again in our country,” said trump, speaking to reporters.

To directly answer the question about the actions of Obama, the US President refused, but urged the media representatives to monitor developments in the country “in the coming weeks.” Based on the past events, said trump, “this is only the beginning.”

“You know what is a crime. The crime is very obvious to all. All you need is to read the newspaper”, — said the President of the United States.

However, any specific evidence of “major violations” by Obama yet and we can only guess that it is referring to trump. In fact, that American media do.

The Case Is Flynn

In General, most Americans associate “of Obamagate” the case of the former presidential adviser on national security Michael Flynn, who came under investigation in the investigation of “Russian intervention” in U.S. elections.

The US Department of justice may 7, allowed the termination of the proceedings against Lieutenant-General retired because of new data. According to the findings of the Prosecutor of St. Louis Jeff Genser, the FBI had no legal basis to start proceedings against Flynn. The investigation itself started to contact Lieutenant General with the Russian Ambassador to the USA Sergei Kislyak in 2016, which allegedly took place in the framework of cooperation of the team trump with Moscow.

However, the “Russian case” ended with an unambiguous conclusion about the absence of any collusion between Russia and the tramp, and the charges against Flynn were related to false statements to the FBI. Blame former adviser to trump acknowledged and made a deal with the investigation, but later changed his mind.

Flynn’s actions seem to be unsystematic, if not to take into account new information.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI has not received any evidence about the “conspiracy” trump adviser with Russia, so decided to catch Lieutenant-General on inaccuracies, to force him to make a deal. The newspaper notes that Flynn has actually admitted his guilt under pressure, as law enforcement officers threatened him and his son of financial pressure.

Possible termination of the investigation of the case of Lieutenant-General received a positive response from trump. He admitted that Flynn will be acquitted and complained about “dishonest police officers in charge of the FBI”, which allowed the start of the trial against his ex-Advisor.

New information on the actions of the FBI against Flynn indicates that the investigation against him could be fabricated — as repeatedly said by trump. The case itself is tied to “Russian interference”, which was begun during the Obama presidency and approved by the designated head of the FBI James Comey. This fact plays an important role in “Obamagate” trump.

“The President’s conspiracy”

According to the commentators of CNN, Marshall Cohen and Jeremy herb, the President binds “the largest crime in American history” with the Obama administration, which tried to undermine the authority of the trump.

This negative rhetoric of the current us leader against its predecessor, the journalists attributed to the fact that Obama criticized the justice Department to dismiss Flynn.

In addition, observers believe one of the reasons “Obamagate” the need to divert the attention of Americans from pandemic coronavirus, which in the US has already killed more than 80 thousand people.

Trump is trying to tie Obama to the point Flynn, alluding to the special interest of its predecessor to Lieutenant General. CNN gives information about the debate contact associate trump with the Russian Ambassador in the White house the conversation took place between Obama and Komi Republic. However, the dialogue took place long before the start of the investigation against Lieutenant General and certificates of awareness of Obama regarding the actions of the FBI against Flynn or his participation in the campaign no.

CNN commentators believe that the attacks of three of his predecessor is not based on facts, but merely a kind of “conspiracy theory” about Obama. His accusations of the President of the United States is building on the established during the “Russian business” model, selectively using the available information against their opponents.

Tactics of elimination

In General, the attacks against Obama can be seen as one of the traditional features of the policy of the trump and the statement about “the biggest political crime” successfully fit into the established model. Since the election of the American leader actually tried to destroy the major achievements of the previous administration, whether of international agreements or health care reform.

“Obamagate” looks like the apotheosis of a massive campaign of trump, especially given its reference to the “Russian case”. Given that the President of the United States is actively trying to prove the illegality of the investigation, the participation of Obama in the famous “witch hunt” will present a gift to the White house.

In the case of the beginning of the actual proceedings against the former President, “Obamagate” will become a kind of trump’s response on “Russian intervention”, which the White house still believes the main obstacle to development of relations with Moscow.

However, according to Politico, the prerequisites for such an outcome is not, and the start of the campaign against Obama should be seen as a blow to the former Vice-President Joe Biden is the only presidential candidate from the Democrats.

The publication notes that the theory of trump about the involvement of Obama to the point Flynn and “Russian investigation” includes Biden as the right hand of the former President. In such conditions, “Obamagate” can be directed to the campaign of Democrats, which is largely based on Obama. Biden himself consistently uses its friendly relations with the former President, and to some extent depends on its reputation.

However, the true intentions of the trump, as the details of the “crimes” of Obama, is still unknown. You may want to wait designated by the President of the United States “the coming weeks” to see if we are waiting for the investigation against the former head of the White house.


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