Study: by August from COVID-19 die 147 000 Americans

By August 147 000 Americans will die from coronavirus is 10,000 more than previously thought. The new forecasts came just two days ago because of the mitigating measures of social distancing.

In a recent study by the Institute of metrics and evaluation of state of health of the University of Washington (IHME) reflects “the key drivers of virus transmission, such as changes in testing and mobility, as well as the policy of distancing“.

The revised forecast raised fears, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief of infectious disease expert in the country, that premature release of locks can lead to new outbreaks of respiratory virus.

Currently, more than 83 000 Americans died and 1.4 million were infected with coronavirus.

When we started to make predictions, we assumed that all States will in some way follow the new Zealand model, which is to support social distancing in place until the transmission reaches a very low level, “said Institute Director Dr. Christopher Murray CNN.

However, IHME researchers acknowledged that the exact implications of steps for the opening of enterprises and weakening the isolation is still difficult to assess.


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