Does the US medical ventilators from Russia that can catch fire

Federal Agency of the USA on emergency situations (FEMA) Tuesday, may 12, reported that the United States never used the Russian ventilators the model that reportedly was the cause of two fatal fires in the Russian hospitals.

“The devices Aventa-M, which probably were the cause of the fires, during which killed 6 patients in Russia had not been sent in hospital, – said the press Secretary of FEMA Janet Montesi. – Due precaution States return the apparatus to FEMA”.

The Agency sent a Russian spacecraft to the States of new York and new Jerseymost affected by the outbreak COVID-19, however due to the decline in the number of cases these devices were not needed, according to Montesi.

Now States are returning unused Russian spacecraft at the disposal of FEMA. Their fate depends on the results of the investigation, which are now in relation to “Eventy-M” of the Russian authorities.

We recall the morning of may 12 in the intensive care unit St George’s hospital in St. Petersburg there was a fire. Killed five patients, including four people connected to the ventilator.

May 9 coronavirus in the case of the Moscow hospital of a name of Spasokukotskogo they were on a ventilator, died connected to the patient.


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