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Forum Reddit is testing the Ethereum tokens in communities of cryptocurrency and Fortnite

Forum Reddit, which is one of the most popular sites in the world, conducting beta testing of two of the Ethereum tokens.

Tokens $MOONS and $BRICKS will be issued to the members of subreddits /r/Cryptocurrency and /r/FortniteBR in the framework of the new initiatives Reddit under the name “community Points”.

“We are constantly conducting experiments that may be of interest to our users. We are now working with only two communities to test this feature and collect feedback from our users,” ― said the representative of the Reddit comments for The Block.

On Reddit there is a pagethat helps users to create storage for the tokens (Vault). Both the token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and creating a Vault, the user in fact generates a new Ethereum wallet.

The representative of the Reddit said that the tokens will be in test mode until the summer of 2020. “Smart contracts will be verified by an independent cyber security company that has experience working with blockchains,” said the representative.

“Once the feature gets out of beta, points community will be migrated to a core network of Ethereum. The balance points will be transferred (although they will need to be restored)”, ― explained on the Vault page.

Users can use tokens to vote and transfer of funds. The subreddits r/Cryptocurrency and r/FortniteBR account for 1 million and 1.3 million, respectively.


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