Pandemic coronavirus called the beginning of the “era of riots” and the new activity of terrorist organizations

Пандемию коронавируса назвали началом "эры беспорядков" и новой активности террористических организаций

Amid the pandemic of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 the theme of international terrorism has faded into the background, the international transaction was suspended. And in the middle East, Africa, Central and South-East Asia once again began to amplify the impact of terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, several African countries…

A collapse of the world’s economies because of the restrictive measures will only exacerbate the existing conflicts in all regions.

“This is especially true of Iraq and Syria. In Iraq there are already signs of recovery in the activity of the terrorist group “Islamic state”*, – said the Director of the Stockholm Institute for peace studies (SIPRI) Dan Smith in the interview group Funke, published on Tuesday, may 12.

He noted that in Yemen, the conflict can only get worse, and in Afghanistan, we should expect increased Islamic radical movement “Taliban”*. According to Smith, the new escalation of tensions is possible in the horn of Africa and in the Western part of the Sahara, such as Nigeria or Mali, because of the spread of coronavirus infection public infrastructure is very weak and people do not receive the necessary support.

“Therefore, some will join armed groups, promising, for example, access to food,” – said the Director of SIPRI.

President of the analytical center International Crisis Group Robert Malley also expects increasing tension in the world. “The collapse of the economy due to the crisis caused by a coronavirus, will have implications for all sources of conflict. We are at the beginning of the era of unrest will increase in many countries, one after another,” he was quoted by Deutsche Welle.

‘malley, which U.S. President Barack Obama held the position of White house coordinator for the Middle East, noted that before the start of the pandemic, many took to the streets in protest against the policy in Hong Kong, Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Algeria or Latin America. “Primordial reasons such as a protracted recession, a shortage of food, jobs and necessary for living income as a result of the pandemic will only get worse,” predicts Robert’malley.

In April, the United Nations has warned of a “biblical” famine because of the epidemic. The number of people in need of food in the world can grow from 130 to 265 million. This may be the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World war: famine will spread at least 30 countries of the world where “every day from hunger will die 300 thousand people, and so for three months,” predicts the United Nations. And it is precisely those countries where there are major terrorist groups – Syria, Yemen, Congo, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria…

Thus, the pandemic could become a window of opportunity for terrorist groups due to the fact that the world’s attention focused on the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection.

The mission of the international antiterrorist coalition has been suspended in Iraq. In late March, instructors from leading European countries left the country, NATO suspended its support missions, and the American coalition gave Iraq some of its military bases.

The situation with terrorists is deteriorating in Syria, where the province of Idlib is under partial control of the insurgents. Fight the terrorists to the Syrian government helps Russia, which did not reduce support for Damascus against the background of the pandemic. However, in Idlib also involved the Turkish military, which, because of the pandemic coronavirus has made adjustments to its mission. Last Sunday the militant group “Horace ad-DIN” associated with “al-Qaeda”* attacked the positions of government forces in the North of Syria in the province of Hama and took one village. The fighting has killed more than 30 people. This is one of the major clashes from 5 March this year when he was declared the ceasefire in neighbouring Hama province, Idlib.

A similar situation in Africa, where France makes adjustments to their operations, “Barkhan” against terrorists linked to “al-Qaeda”* and loyal ISIS* militants.

To Somalia has been suspended operations with the participation of Italy in the fight against piracy.

In Southeast Asia, where I went to a lot of fighters after the defeat of the “Islamic state” in Syria* also restless. IG* has announced the inclusion of its “Caliphate” of some areas of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and parts of Thailand.

*”Islamic state” (ISIS), the Taliban (Taliban) – banned terrorist organizations


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