Doctors have described the way to determine the severity COVID-19

To learn about the presence of coronavirus and the severity of his disease by the skin, dermatologists found out from Madrid and Barcelona. Their article about it was published on the scientific portal Focus.

Медики рассказали о способе определить тяжесть COVID-19

According to Spanish experts, some patients with COVID-19 they noted signs of frostbite skin in the form of swelling with abscesses and blisters reddish or purple color, which caused itching or other soreness. As a rule, psevdoobnovlenie met young patients with mild COVID-19. With similar symptoms of coronavirus was also facing the American and Italian doctors.

Another skin symptom that found e some infected appeared vesicular rash. It had occurred almost one in ten people infected with coronavirus Spaniard. Most of the time he appeared at an early stage of the disease. Rash is a small blood-filled vesicles similar to chickenpox, which can occur on the trunk and extremities.

“In General, this symptom was associated with a mild course of the disease,” say the doctors.

In 19% of the infected the doctors found similar to hives rashes and flaking and redness of the skin. These symptoms were mostly critically ill.

In patients with very severe COVID-19 dermatologists also met the necrosis. It is noted that the mortality rate in this group was very high – 10%. Of these, 6% of patients was skin damage of various degrees due to lack of blood supply to the body, and also on the fingers and toes, and around nose, chin and ears. Often necrosis were found in older patients.


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