Gloomy prognosis of experts: the coronavirus can disappear only after five years

You will need four to five years before the pandemic Covid-19 will be fully under control. About this at the conference said the Deputy General Director and chief scientific officer of the world health organization (who) Sumia Swaminathan.

Мрачный прогноз экспертов: коронавирус может исчезнуть лишь через пять лет

Chief researcher who told the participants of the conference Global digital Boardroom, organized by the Financial Times that one of the important factors affecting the duration of the disease include maturation of the virus, the measures taken to contain it and, of course, the development of a vaccine.

Swaminathan stressed that the vaccine “it seems at the moment the best way out” of the current crisis.

However, according to representatives of the who, there is also a lot of “buts” and “IFS” in regard to its efficiency, safety, production and equitable distribution.

Wednesday, may 13, programme Manager, world health organization emergencies Dr. Mike Ryan said that while no one can predict when you will disappear new a dangerous infection. He also warned about the weakening of quarantine restrictions without appropriate supervision.

“We don’t have to wait to see if it worked unlocking, counting bodies in the morgue, – quotes the words of Mike Ryan’s Daily Mirror. – We have a new virus first entered the human population, so it is very difficult to predict when we will win.”

Dr. Ryan also stressed that the disease is caused by Covid-19, could become endemic in our communities and never disappear.

“HIV is still here, we put up with this virus found a methods of treatment and prevention, and people don’t feel so scared as before, – said Mike Ryan. And we offer people with HIV a long healthy life.”

The head of the who programme for emergency situations also reported that the hope for victory over the pandemic may give it the appearance of a highly effective vaccine, which will need to distribute to all the needy. In this case humanity will have a chance to destroy the virus.

In addition, Ryan noted that experts created “a completely effective vaccine” against diseases such as measles. However, in the world there are still populations that are not vaccinated against this disease. According to the expert who, it could be a long time to “remove and eradicate”.

“We have to do it in sufficient numbers so everyone could get a dose, added Mike Ryan, speaking about the vaccine Covid-19. And people should be the desire of the vaccine to make. Each of these steps is fraught with serious problems. However, this is a huge opportunity for the world.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Ryan cautioned that the countries are gradually removing quarantine restrictions should be effectively used system for tracking patients. Otherwise, you can take “days or weeks” before officials know that the virus began to spread rapidly again.

“If the transmission of the virus will accelerate and you will have systems to detect, it might take days or weeks before you realize that something went wrong,’ said Mike Ryan. And by the time when this happens, you’ll find yourself in a situation when your only answer is another lock. And I think that is what we are all afraid.”

If the health care system will get time to recover, it will be able to cope with the next increase in the incidence. And, according to Dr. Ryan, unlike the economic system, it will be able to do this a few times.

“Let’s not return to a situation where we would not know what was happening until fill up our hospitals – said the expert who. Is not the best way to do business”.


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