Scientists have predicted a catastrophic rise in Global sea level

Ученые предсказали катастрофический подъем уровня Мирового океана

An international group of scientists led by researchers from Nanyang technological University in Singapore found that sea-level rise in this century will be stronger than previously thought. Their findings are published in the journal Climate and Atmospheric Science.

The researchers asked over one hundred leading authors of scientific publications to assess the increase of level of World ocean and analyzed over a thousand articles on the subject.

In the worst and expected by many scenario until the end of the century sea levels will rise to 1.3 m, and after 200 years — up to 5.6 meters from the original mark.

According to scientists, the ocean level will rise significantly due to the melting glaciers of the Arctic and Greenland. To slow down this process is capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Previously at the world meteorological organization said average global temperatures could reach record values in 2020-2024 years.


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