The EU warned of political destabilization in developing countries because of the crisis in the economy

Josep Borrell Fontelles / Twitter

В ЕС предупредили о политической дестабилизации в развивающихся странах из-за кризиса в экономике

All developing countries will experience the economic consequences of the crisis of the pandemic COVID-19 and face the risk of political instability, said the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell. His words leads to “Interfax”.

“The admission of immigrants (of those countries. – Approx. “Interfax”) will be reduced, because economic activity in host countries decrease. The decline in oil revenues in countries that are primarily oil producers, will create a difficult situation in their budgets. And it’s not only about oil, but in General about raw materials. Tourism will suffer,” said Borrell.

The question is on the reduction of sources of Finance for developing countries, continued EU high representative for foreign Affairs, asked Tuesday at a press conference in Brussels on the question of the impact arising from pandemic coronavirus economic crisis on the stability of countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

“All this, of course, will create the first economic problems, and then, perhaps, political. And this applies not only to countries in our immediate environment. Such problems arise in front of the whole Africa and Latin America. And, of course, I am very concerned about the events that can happen as a consequence of the economic crisis, which will be accompanied by a sanitary crisis, and the possible onset of the political crisis”, – said the head of European diplomacy.


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