Dad survived the coronavirus, pneumonia, sepsis, and two stroke

The father of two children who survived the coronavirus, bilateral pneumonia, sepsis, heart failure and two strokes, will be examined by medical experts. It is reported by the SUN.

Omar Taylor, 31, has agreed to help scientists in the framework of the special research project devoted to the study of the impact Covid-19.

Omar, regional Director of the healthcare company Care UK. He is now undergoing speech therapy and can speak only two or three words.

His right hand is still paralyzed, but the doctors hope that by the end of 2020 it will recover 90%.

“It was so difficult, especially with two young children, said Kathleen. – Harrison, who next week will mark 2 years did not recognize him. He was afraid of his father the first couple of hours after his return.

But Vivien, our 4-year-old child – a real “daddy’s girl”. She hasn’t left him since he came home. She helps him to go to the toilet and the shower, and she is so happy that he’s home.

In total, he was absent 8 weeks. It’s not that long for an adult, but for children it can feel like an eternity. They didn’t think he was ever coming back.

It was a worst nightmare for everyone. But the support we received really helped us.”

Friends and relatives gathered 15,000 pounds sterling for the expenses of the family and rehabilitation of Omar.

Omar previously suffered from ulcerative colitis. On 19 March he was taken to the hospital with shortness of breath. After 4 days he was sent to intensive care and hooked to a ventilator.

“Once, at 4:45 I got a call from the hospital and said that I was preparing for the worst, ‘said Caitlin. – They decided to incubate it and put into an artificial coma. I looked at our children and think about how I will tell them that their father is dying.”

But Omar was able to survive all the complications caused by the coronavirus, and return to his family. History, characteristics of the organism and methods of treatment applied to it, will be scrutinized by physicians to identify factors that contributed to the recovery.


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