Biotechnologists discovered completely blocking coronavirus antibody

California biotechnologists announced a powerful breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19. They claim that they managed to detect the antibody blocks the coronavirus.

Биотехнологи обнаружили полностью блокирующее коронавирус антитело

Scientists based in San Diego (Calif.) biotech company Sorrento Therapeutics have discovered an antibody that they described as “healing.”

Biotechnologists told that during the experiments the Petri dish was found by company antibody stopped the penetration of coronavirus in 100% healthy human cells.

This is one of several antibodies that are planned to combine in the medical “cocktail” that Sorrento Therapeutics is developing, in collaboration with the Medical school mount Sinai hospital (new York), reports the Daily Mail.

Over the last decade, the company has collected a “library” of billions of antibodies and on the background of the current pandemic began systematically to test them for the presence of coronavirus. Scientists have identified among them a dozen antibodies that had some effect on the virus.

The drug, called STI-1499, is one of ten of the antibodies (i.e., immune cells that neutralize pathogens like the same coronavirus), which found the company, have a certain effect on the coronavirus.

The mixture of these antibodies can act as a “shield” for human cells, preventing penetration of the virus that causes COVID-19.

“It covers viruses and removes them from the body, – said Fox News CEO Dr. Henry JI, commenting on the findings made by his company in the laboratory experiments. When the antibody prevents the penetration of the virus into the human cell, the virus can not survive… So, this means that if we will not allow penetration of the virus into the cell, the virus eventually dies out”.

The antibody, discovered by California researchers, belongs to the class of “neutralizing” antibodies or binding. According to the chemist-organics Dr. Derek Lowe, they block the virus and are sounding the alarm the rest of the immune system, causing a reaction. And they are more preferred than other types of antibodies that do not completely block the virus and inadvertently facilitate its penetration in human cells.

Dr. Lowe notes that the neutralizing antibodies in General can also act as “temporary vaccine”, preventing coronavirus infection in people who have not caught it.

The company claims that it can produce up to 200 thousand doses of antibody per month. Is Rafiq production is likely to make the drug available sooner than expected from a vaccine COVID-19, which is in laboratories of different countries.

The company has already submitted to the Management on control over products and medicines USA (FDA) application for approval of emergency funds was found, but not yet received from the regulatory authority “good.”

“We want to emphasize that the drug is available, – told Fox News Dr. Henry JI. – There is a solution that works 100 percent. If your body has a neutralizing antibody, you don’t need social distancing”.

But, as rightly noted by the Daily Mail, the word “if” is key. Indeed, despite encouraging results, the company still can not boast of having succeeded in blocking infection in the human body.

The antibody was not yet tested on humans, so it is unknown how it may behave in the body and what are its possible side effects


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