The development of the Arctic: the state Department saw Russia as a threat

Освоение Арктики: Госдеп увидел в России угрозуState Department spokesman Michael Murphy said that the safety anti-NATO in the North Atlantic is under threat. According to him, this leads the actions of Russia, which is increasing its military presence in the region. As an example, he noted the establishment of a joint strategic command.

Deputy assistant Secretary of state for European Affairs and Eurasian Affairs Michael Murphy announced that Russia jeopardizes line anti-submarine defence of NATO in the North Atlantic, called the Faeroe-Icelandic frontier, located between great Britain, Iceland and Greenland.

According to him, this happens because Russia is increasing its military presence in the Arctic. Transcript of briefing with the participation of Murphy has extended a press-service of the U.S. Department of state.

“China and Russia are increasingly trying to challenge the interests of the United States, the West and allies. The Arctic region is immune,” said he, referring to Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, who has previously announced its intention to make the discussion of the response issues in the Arctic.

Murphy drew attention to the fact that Russia on the basis of the Northern fleet was organized by the unified strategic command. “Announced the deployment of s-400 on the Kola Peninsula, like the military construction goes beyond territorial defense,” — said the representative of the state Department.

Russia’s actions “are part of building up strength in the North Atlantic to prevent the United States and Canada to respond and regroup in the event of a crisis, jeopardizing the Faeroe-Icelandic frontier,” he said.

In late January, Ambassador for special assignments of the Russian foreign Ministry, a senior official of the Arctic Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Korchunov said that NATO’s activities (especially those countries that do not belong to the Arctic) lead to tension and destabilization of the situation. Shortly before the commander of the Northern fleet Alexander Moiseyev said that the participants of the Alliance are active in the combat training of its forces in the region. In addition, NATO is boosting intelligence activities.

In March of this year the Russian leader Vladimir Putin approved the foundations of state policy in the Arctic until 2035. In accordance with the provisions of the document, the authorities will provide to this region the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia, and will focus on the preservation of the Arctic as a territory of peace and mutually beneficial partnership.

At the same time as the publication of RBC, which is owned by Grigory Berezkin, in September last year, Russia deployed in the Arctic region, the air defense systems C-400. The defense Ministry then announced that he was rearmed with anti-aircraft missile air defense regiment of the Northern fleet. The Agency particularly noted that due to the transition to the new system had greatly increased the area of controlled airspace in the Arctic.

According to the commander of the Northern fleet Vice-Admiral Alexander Moiseyev,

on the Russian part of the region will be air dome after the divisions of the region will receive anti-aircraft missile systems s-400.

As noted in the comments of FAN military commentator Viktor Baranets, the defense capability of the Russian Arctic — the case of the defense Ministry and its head Sergei Shoigu.

“The United States and here do not deny yourself the manifestation of the military-political hypocrisy. Want to improve a little bit the state Department: Russia has recovered in the North the infrastructure is not “cold war” and Soviet times, when we to lawfully exercised military presence in its segment of the Arctic”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

He drew attention that Russia is acting ahead of the curve, realizing the interest of the United States and Canada to this region. “I do not deny that we have started a comprehensive military development of the far North: reanimated airfields, border posts and even brought back adapted to local weather conditions technique. The defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu doing it, anticipating reasonable threats to our sovereignty,” he added.


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