Scientists have suggested: liquid mouthwash may help against coronavirus

The group studies the coronavirus researchers theorized – perhaps from infection could save a normal mouthwash. According to these scholars, such a liquid has a definite potential in the fight against coronavirus.

Ученые предположили: жидкость для полоскания рта может помочь против коронавируса

Theoretically, the mouthwash is able to destroy lipid layer of a virus, then the infection must inevitably perish. Based on this, scientists from the UK suggested that the liquid for mouth rinsing can potentially become a remedy against coronavirus. However, at the moment who does not confirm this information, but scientists insist on the further study of this tool.

Peru the great Leonid Filatov belong to a line: “Sprobuy rabbit droppings! He’s vigorous, he’s a catch! And where will the useful of honey, though the taste is not honey. It tastes pretty cool, he sometimes die, But some survive – They live to old age!”. This quote from “Fedot-Strelets” could not be rather suitable for some seekers a simple and cheap means in the fight against coronavirus. Important in the assessment of their activities to see the difference between pseudoscientific nonsense and simple a genius, which is sometimes barely discernible.

A key role in the potential role of mouthwash, according to put forward this theory scientists from Cardiff University, are special components that kill the fat layer. According to their assumption, in case of coronavirus on human mucous membranes, which is a mouthwash, the virus is immediately killed before he could infect the body.

Researchers from Cardiff say that at the moment they have no specific substances, which would guarantee security in case of virus introduction. Hardly will cope with it and the usual rinses of the mouth, agree the researchers. However, they believe that changing the composition of the components in the liquid may lead to very important discoveries.

The Daily Mail reports that scientists claim that the effects of the mouthwash is “not well understood”, and this gap needs to be addressed. In this they are supported by scientists from the universities of Nottingham, Colorado, Ottawa and Barcelona.

Co-Director of the Research Institute of system immunity, Cardiff University’s Professor Valerie O’donnell said: “the Safe use of the liquid mouthwash and gargle – still not been examined by public health authorities in the UK. In experiments with test tubes and limited clinical studies have found some liquids for mouth rinses that contain well-known ingredients to efficiently act on the lipids in the membranes of viruses. But we don’t know if existing mouthwash against lipid membrane of the present coronavirus. Our literature review suggests that require urgent investigation to determine its potential for use against this new virus.”

However, not everyone shares the optimism of a scientist.

So, the world health organization officially rejected the theory that the mouthwash can effectively help in the fight against coronavirus.

“Some conditioners do remove some of the germs in your mouth for a few minutes. However, this does not mean that they are able to protect you from COVID-19”, – said in an official who statement on the matter.

At the moment there are serious doubts that the conditioner (which contains no more than 20% alcohol) is able to cope with the coronavirus. It is known that the means by which the recommended treatment of surfaces, rarely contain less than 60% alcohol, otherwise they cannot guarantee the destruction of the virus.

So while the prospects for study seem at least vague. However, it is not excluded, what exactly this discovery would be a breakthrough in the fight against coronavirus. As already mentioned, the distinction between pseudo-scientific nonsense and genius is sometimes very thin.


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