How to cook shrimp: recipe, subtlety and life hacks

Как варить креветки: рецепт, тонкости и лайфхаки

Как варить креветки: рецепт, тонкости и лайфхаки

To cook shrimp is easier, however, this does not mean that they are foolproof. We will help cook the shrimp so that they melted in your mouth.

Bubba, the best friend of Forrest Gump, he knew a lot about shrimp. And he is not alone. Around the world the seafood is prized for exquisite fine taste and unique nutritional properties. Another undoubted advantage of prawns is that they are prepared very simply and quickly record.

You should pay attention

If you do not live near the ocean, only buy frozen shrimp

Fresh shrimp is a perishable product. Frozen shrimp should be prepared the same day, when they are caught. But since most of us live quite far from fishing areas, to us, these crustaceans come only in frozen form.

If you’re in the store was found chilled shrimp, do not believe: they are just thawed. So play it safe and buy only frozen foods.

Give preference to shrimps in the shell: it is easier to see that they are spoiled. If shrimp smells like ammonia, don’t eat them. Most likely, they are overdue.

Thaw frozen shrimp before cooking

If you throw in boiling water nerasprodannye shrimp, the water temperature will drop and the meat will be cooked unevenly. For quick defrosting place the shellfish in a bowl and put it in the sink under a slow running cold water. But in any case, do not defrost shrimp at room temperature or in warm water: this will negatively affect the taste.

Remove the intestines carefully

If you remove the shrimp intestines with a dull knife, it will be some lumps. Instead, carefully cut the shell along the back with kitchen scissors, and then gently pull out the black intestinal vein with the tip of a knife or scissors.

Cook shrimp with head and shell

Shrimp will taste better if you cook them unpeeled. Besides, if you persolita water, the shell protects the meat from excess salt.

But even if you have already cleaned shrimp before cooking, don’t discard the heads and shells. Boil them with salt, herbs and vegetables, and you’ll have a great broth for the shrimp soup.

Do not cook shrimp too long

There is a simple way to determine the readiness: straight shrimp undercooked, the letter “C” finish, and twisted in a ring of overcooked. If you do not want to tasteless rubber, not cook the seafood longer than necessary.

How to cook shrimp

Как варить креветки: рецепт, тонкости и лайфхаки

The minimum set that you need is a big pot, water and salt. The volume of water must be twice the size of the shrimp. As for the salt, for shrimp without a shell you need to put no more than 1 tablespoon per liter water. If you are going to cook raw shrimp, put 1-1,5 tablespoons per gallon.

Boil water and add salt. Some prefer to do without spices to does not interrupt the delicate flavor of seafood. But if you want to add meat spices, put in boiling water a small bunch of dill, cloves, allspice, Bay leaf, a few cloves of garlic or piece of ginger and add the juice of half a lemon. The spice rack depends entirely on your preferences, so experiment and find your own combination.

Once the water boils, lower the shrimp into it. When the water boils again, and the shrimp shells will turn bright pink and start to float up, turn off the stove.

Small shrimp should not cook more than 2 minutes. Major (king and tiger) are boiled 3 to 7 minutes depending on size.

Many stop at this stage, catch hot shrimp from the broth, waiting for them to cool, and then serve. But the fact that the meat cools instantly, and so it continues to cook even after you drain the hot water.

To stop the process, pour just svalivsheesya shrimp in a bowl with cold water and ice cubes. Then immediately drain shrimp in a colander. You can then serve immediately on the table, but you can let them cool slightly.

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