All about coronavirus COVID-19 on may 16

The main news about coronavirus COVID-19 on may 16:

  • In Russia recorded the highest rates of mortality.
  • Who warns of second wave COVID-19 this winter.
  • In Italy the mortality and incidence of falling.
  • The number of deaths in the U.S., projected to exceed 100,000 by June 1.
  • Spain recorded the lowest increase in mortality from Covid-19 since mid-March.

Coronavirus COVID-19 spread in 188 countries and claimed the lives of 303 825. The figures continue to grow.

According to the latest Johns Hopkins University, there are 4 574 902 case of infection, 1 652 681 recovered.

According to experts, the numbers are likely higher and do not show the true scale of the pandemic.

The Director of the CDC Robert Redfield said that the death toll in the U.S., projected to exceed 100,000 by June 1. This conclusion was made after tracking 12 different forecasting models, which all predicted at least 100,000 deaths.

Today, 16 may, Russia announced on 9 200 new confirmed cases of coronavirus during the last 24 hours killed 119 people — the highest death rate in the country per day.

According to a senior representative of the world health organization in Europe, the country will face the second deadly wave in the winter. Dr Hans Kluge, Director of the who European region, warned the country that have begun to relax their restrictions on a lock, because now the “time for preparation, not celebration“. Dr. Kluge told the Telegraphthat countries should use the current period to build capacity in hospitals and strengthening public health systems.

Statistics from countries where confirmed by the largest number of cases COVID-19:

  1. USA — 1 445 867
  2. Russia — 272 043
  3. UK — 241 454
  4. Spain — 230 698
  5. Italy — 223 885

Statistics on countries with the highest mortality rate now looks like this:

  1. USA — 87 643 of death (27 of which 878 in the city of new York)
  2. UK — 34 546 deaths
  3. Italy — 31 610 deaths
  4. Spain — 27 563 death
  5. France — 27 532 death

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