Because of the coronavirus fewer people get cancer

The pandemic coronavirus fewer people pass the examinations for cancer and experts in the field of healthcare are beginning to Express concern about this.

The measures introduced to reduce the spread of the virus has forced doctors to postpone personal visits to patients, according to the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States.

These measures led to the cancellation of the traditional checks and screenings for cancer, Komodo and Health claims that at the end of April millions of Americans have postponed conducting surveys at medical institutions.

Now doctors are worried that people avoid these inspections because they fear that the coronavirus can harm their chances to overcome undiagnosed cancer, reported Thursday’s ABC News.

In the health System of the University of Pennsylvania put the number of new diagnoses of skin cancer decreased by 80% from February to March.

The American cancer society, which previously supported the postponement is not very urgent examinations, corrected their response to the pandemic. Now the company is urging patients to come in if they feel safe visiting a medical center.

The American cancer society said on may 8 that more than half of the recipients of their grants deferred cancer research because of the pandemic. “It is clear that the pandemic coronavirus has a significant impact on cancer research”, said Dr. William Phelps, senior Vice-President of the society. The situation has led to the fact that the American cancer society has been forced to postpone the next round of grants from July to September.

Also there is a decrease in visits by new patients with cancer in hospitals throughout the country. “The doors of hospitals includes fewer people because you actually see less new patients”, said Dr. David Cohn, the chief medical officer in the center of the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Ohio state University.

The centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States also drew attention to the situation. “The pandemic was a decrease in the level of demand for medical services to patients with diseases not related coronavirus”,- said in the organization. “As the pandemic continues, the health system must balance the need to provide critical health services, while reducing risks for patients and caregivers”.


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