Ecologists have predicted that humanity is the advent of a new pandemic of the deforested Amazon jungle

Экологи предрекли человечеству приход новой пандемии из вырубленных джунглей Амазонки

Экологи предрекли человечеству приход новой пандемии из вырубленных джунглей Амазонки

The next pandemic could begin after humanity will be hit by the virus now affecting the animals living in the Amazon rainforest, said Brazilian environmentalist David Lapola. His words are quoted by RBC with reference to AFP.

According to the ecologist, cutting down the jungle, people further penetrate into the once wild areas, which increases the threat of transmitting viruses to man. “Amazonia is a huge reservoir of viruses. We’d better not to try your luck,” warned Lapola, stating that the principles of economic development of the Amazon should be reviewed, otherwise the world runs the risk of the outbreak, the consequences of which are difficult to predict.

Thus, the continued overexploitation of the Amazon, a region that includes part of the territories of Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana, may lead to the outbreak of zoonoses – diseases transmitted from animals to humans, one of which was coronavirus infection and COVID-19. Until now, such cases occurred mostly in Africa and South Asia.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists and international organizations, in 2020 humanity is threatened not only the coronavirus: the challenge of global warming will not go away. In June, the U.S. expects the semi-annual hurricane season and the warming of the oceans means that hurricanes will be more powerful than normal. Over overheated seas pouring more than over cool land, which deprives the continent of rain and causes a drought. The increase in temperature in the Western Indian ocean is fraught with dry summers and forest fires in Australia, and the warming waters of the North Atlantic threatens to dry and burn the forests of the Amazon basin.

While the yield last year of more than enough grain because of the pandemic hit the world food market: warehouses and ports is not enough healthy workers, the truck idle without drivers, and transportation declined sharply. And the ready food, which is now in the world even in excess, in the current environment it is difficult to collect and deliver the supermarkets.

The danger of a food crisis, coupled with the pandemic coronavirus turns to rich States serious costs and becomes the reason to cut aid to poor countries. About the largest humanitarian crisis since the Second world war, warned long before the coronavirus, and from his account with a massive hunger this year, may face three decades in poor countries. According to the UN, in the world is chronically undernourished, almost 1 billion people – one in eight people on the planet. And because of the caused by a coronavirus of the crisis, their number will grow to 130 million in 2020. In addition, the world is threatened by a plague of locusts that appeared in Yemen thanks to the warm and rainy winter.


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