Scientists develop a protective mask that identifies patients with coronavirus

Researchers from Harvard University and MIT to develop a protective mask that will be able to inform you if they’re diseased coronavirus.

According to Harvard”s Wyss Institute, when a patient’s saliva comes in contact with the fabric of a new mask during a cough, runny nose or even speech, that becomes fluorescent. Scientists hope this will help to more quickly and accurately identify infected COVID-19.

“Imagine how comfortable to wear such masks at the airport or on the way to and from work. — says one of the participants of the project, Professor of bioengineering at MIT James Collins the Hospital would give their patients in the waiting room so the others can immediately understand, who is infected”.

According to the researchers, the mask will be more reliable than conventional measurements of temperature — as in over 3 hours will be able to recognize the infection even if the patient is no symptoms.

Collins notes that today the mask is still at an early stage of development. However, scientists hope that it will be available to Americans this summer.


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