“Changing the soup broken soup”: how do women fight in the mud

Mud Queens — the Union of the lovers to fight in mud and blood, based in Chicago. Girls beat each other up, thrown off a deflection and tear out tufts of hair under the cheerful punk rock, and all it then to throw out the aggression and to please the raging crowds.

Women fight in the mud — not as sexy as I would like, but not as boring as could be.

Half naked girls in oil wrestling in a pool with dirt, something from a series about “the main thing is not victory, but participation”. The most interesting thing here is the spectacle, not the result, and really no one cares about who of the girls will win. But all I wonder is who the first fly off the bra and panties.

In 2003, the Chicago feminists decided it was time to end this outrage and create a mess of its own. They started to organize boycotts or rallies — instead, the girls gathered at the apartment of one of girlfriends and made his wrestling in the mud with a bunch of alcohol, fleshy girls and the downhole punk bands in the warm-up.

As told by Kim Kozak, one of the participants of the first battles Mud Queens, the neighbors each time I called the cops, but the law-enforcement officers dispersed the girls only after the show ended, the men were interesting to look not only on girls but also on a good fight.

When rumors of the battles of Mud Queens went to Chicago, and wanted to join the team was a few dozen, the base had to be moved into the city docks, away from the eyes and ears “of ordinary people.”

“It happened that we moved the trash cans and then we scratched rats. We never thought that we would have a real show.” — Kim Kozak

The rules in the battles of Mud Queens not so much not to scratch my eyes not to finish bedridden and not to beat the opponent with a fist to the head. Rip out hair, too, is impossible, but in the heat of battle it usually does not pay attention.

For “purity” of the fighting following the only man in the ring — mark Makoun, dressed like a referee — shirt and skirt in black and white stripes.

The last Mud Queens tournament was held on Halloween in the Chicago club Reggie”s Rock Club. This time there were about a hundred people, and instead of dirt in the ring and poured the artificial blood. All proceeds from fighting girls transferred to the Center for women’s health in Chicago.

“There is a stereotype that women are weak — Yes, they have inner strength, but not physical. We are all strong women trying to help other women. We are all different sizes and shapes. And we are all glad.” — Eric de Marco aka Ultimate Whorrier

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