Teenager rescued 8-year-old brother, when his heart stopped due to coronavirus

The life of 8-year-old boy was saved thanks to the quick reactions of his brother-teenager.

8-year-old Jayden of Hardware from Queens (NY) a little fever, but then it was gone. However, shortly thereafter the boy had a stomach upset three days later, he suddenly collapsed to the floor, unconscious. As it turned out, the boy went into cardiac arrest.

Fortunately, there was Tyrone, his 15-year-old brother. He did CPR, which he learned as a boy scout, and supported the work of the hearts of Jaden until then, until the paramedics came with a defibrillator.

“At first I was nervous, but then told myself that I need to pull myself together and focus, told CNN Tyrone. – As soon as I saw that he took a deep breath, I realized that doing everything right”.

Jaden, who is now recovering at home after two weeks in the hospital, came back negative for coronavirus, but positive for antibodies. The boy had no other symptoms associated with a coronavirus.

“It’s a mystery what’s happening with kids today”, said Rue Hardowar, the father of the boys.

Because of the many unknown man said that parents should take seriously any symptoms, even if they think that those not associated with a coronavirus.

“Everything needs to be taken very seriously, not to ignore any symptoms”, – said the man.


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