20 “fashionable” things you don’t agree to put on for any money

Fashion — a rather capricious lady. Today, she loves the classics, suits in muted tones and clean lines, and tomorrow — ridiculing the pathos of grunge with his crumpled shirts, sneakers and a creative mess on the head. But one thing remains constant: the clothes should emphasize the individuality and create the right first impression about the person.

If you don’t want to seem crazy to others suffering from lack of taste, never buy the dresses from the collection below.

Think Simba dissatisfied with something.

That’s what happens when evolyutsioniruet flip flops to boots.

What is it, do not understand.

Something is clearly wrong.

If you have soiled your shirt, don’t worry! Now it is fashionable.

The same goes for tattered things.

These sneakers are excellent solutions for those who forgot to get a pedicure.

I wonder what protects the visor?

If you need to be in two places at the same time.

Or even in three.

Brochospasm or sapogovsky?

When the designer got too carried away with their work.

Ah Yes, Mickey, Ah Yes, naughty.

The designers obviously should still work over form of this command.

Well, you know, to wash things — the last century.

Girl, you tight?

It’s just a picture of cheering men, and not what you think.

This is “inverted” from CIE Denim shorts and they are almost $ 400. We have all.

Very unusual design for a child’s sweater.

First, there was little attrition, then the hole in the knee, and then this.

A place where all would-be designers.

And which of the following outfits would you wear?

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