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Acne Buterin believes that the Ethereum network was launched too early

Acne Buterin wrote in his Twitter account that regrets the premature launch of the Ethereum blockchain.

According to Buterin if Ethereum was launched 10 months later, the developer would be able to avoid many of the defects, the correction of which was spent several years.

The Creator of the network regrets the decision of using hexadecimal instead of the more common trees, binary trees. In addition, he criticized the RLP – recursive prefix is long, which is used to send information. Developers do not like this format because it can not be optimized.

Tweet Buterin was the answer developed by Justin Drake, who said that Ethereum 2.0 would be launched over a year ago, if the developers went the easy way run.

Community second in terms of market capitalization blockchain Ethereum started talking about a system change PoW to PoS almost immediately after the launch of the network in 2015. Since Buterin repeatedly delayed the update, claiming that “high-quality work in the future now will save developers tens of years.”

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