NASA unveiled rules for the exploration of the moon

НАСА представило правила освоения Луны

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NASA unveiled the Artemis Accords agreement, which describes the international rules for the exploration of the moon and mining operations on its territorii. The document is published on the website of the organization.

For example, the ten new principles specified in the agreement, now the concept of “safe zones” around future lunar bases. In addition, NASA invites the public exchange of the scientific data and the spacecraft on the moon.

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In addition, the document suggests that the countries-parties to the agreement undertake to protect all the places and artifacts of the satellite that has historical value. Also, to prevent the space debris they have to dispose of unused equipment.

Among other things, permitted the extraction and use of resources of the moon as it is believed that this is a critical point for the exploration of outer space.

Earlier in may it was reported that NASA prefers to cooperate in the program of lunar exploration with those partners who share Western values in space.

“We want not only to send astronauts to the moon, we want to move our values forward,” — said the Deputy administrator of NASA, Mike gold.

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