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Institutional investors were intensified after the may halving

After reducing the awards for the extraction of a block in bitcoin network or the so-called halving 11 may sharply intensified institutional investors. They mass buying of bitcoin, said CEO Blockware Solutions Matt D’souza.

In addition to institucionales increased active retail players, said the expert.

Currently, we are witnessing the process of pumping capital into BTC with the aim of diversifying institutional portfolios. Investor interest in bitcoin adds not only due to the reduction of awards to miners, but also because of the policies of Central banks pour money into the economy to stimulate business activity.

D’souza stressed that in the conditions of uncertainty in traditional markets, bitcoin looks more stable. That is why it attracts both small and large investors refusing Fiat currency.

CEO Blockware Solutions drew attention to the fact that the surge of interest in BTC from the the big players happened after halving. Investors analyzed the trajectory of the cryptocurrency after two previous cuts of the awards of the miners and came to the conclusion that now is the time to invest in this asset.

If bitcoin will trade above $10,000, Hasrat network will begin to recover after a fall. Miners will sell less coins, and the growing demand will push the price to new highs, experts said.


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