Who commented on the expulsion of its specialists from Burundi

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В ВОЗ прокомментировали высылку своих специалистов из Бурунди

The world health organization (who) has been notified by the authorities of Burundi that four of her employees have to leave the country. Currently, the organization explains the reasons for this decision, said Friday at a briefing in Geneva, the official representative who Fadel shaib.

“We were informed on may 13 that four of our colleagues from the who office in Burundi needs to leave the country. We are still discussing this issue with the Burundian authorities to understand the reasons for this decision,” she said. The official stressed that the who “remains fully involved in the provision of technical assistance for Burundi,” in dealing with the coronavirus, and other health issues, reports TASS.

“Burundi is an important country for who, we will continue to work with them in all areas of health care,” said shaib. According to her, may 14 employees who were still in the country, because “the repatriation is required to take action”.

“In terms of restrictions on movement to leave the country difficult,” she concluded.

As reported on Thursday AFP, citing a source in the administration of Burundi, who “will be expelled from the country, as the Ministry of health eliminates the who [from the solution of the problems of coronavirus] and accuses her of inappropriate intervention in this matter”.

A month ago, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Burundi has already started a similar procedure, but it was interrupted after talks with President Pierre Nkurunziza and who Director-General of Tedros Adhanom of Gebreyesus. The government of Burundi has repeatedly been criticized by doctors and opposition politicians who claim that the authorities ignore the number of cases of infection with coronavirus in the country.

On may 20, the country appointed the presidential and parliamentary elections. Although Burundi had closed its border in connection with the spread of coronavirus, other measures to combat the pandemic are not taken. Since the beginning of the election campaign on 27 April, various political meetings are a large gathering of people and without any reinforced sanitary measures. Residents only advise to wash your hands regularly and avoid handshakes.

The authorities provide only minimal assistance in complying with hygiene procedures. So, the electoral Commission of Burundi provided a bucket and soap to the organizers of the rally of the ruling party in the capital of Gitega. But “the number of people is too large to get enough water to wash your hands or sanitized them,” said one of the participants of the rally held on April 28. His words led Agency Regnum.


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