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After “Black Thursday” with crypturi was removed about 300 000 bitcoins

For the last two months dominated by the trend to withdraw bitcoins, with the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Back in March analysts platform Glassnode recorded an increase in the outflow of the cryptocurrency. It was also stated that we are entering a phase when investors EN masse refuse from the sale of coins and are beginning to focus on long-term storage of BTC.

Forecast confirmed, with “Black Thursday”, March 12 (when there was a collapse of the stock market) and present on the trading floor, it was withdrawn about 300 000 bitcoins ($3 billion).

On the exchange wallets is now kept 2.3 million BTC, the researchers note that this is the lowest figure since may 22, 2019.

In early March, the exchanges were kept a little more than 14% of the total BTC, now this indicator does not exceed 12.5% of up to $23 billion.

The largest outflow of coins recorded from the platform Bitfinex, Huobi and BitMEX. In parallel, analysts noted a sharp increase in the balance of air on cryptomeria. In 2018 the volume of the cryptocurrency on the trading floors jumped from 5.6 million to 18.5 million ETH.

Some experts believe that we are on the eve of a massive sell-off ether. Usually traders withdraw coins on the trading platform with the aim of their further realization.

In the night of Tuesday, may 19, the largest Aldon trading at $210. Bitcoin is still holding below $10,000 and there are no signs of a fast increasing support.


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