Rogozin praised the idea of the Mask of thermonuclear explosions on Mars

Рогозин оценил идею Маска о термоядерных взрывах на Марсе

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General Director of “Rosatom” Dmitry Rogozin praised the idea of the head of the American SpaceX Elon musk, who offered to terraform Mars with thermonuclear explosions.

“The head of SpaceX offered a “terraform Mars”, carrying out a large series of thermonuclear explosions on the poles of the planet. Blow up Mars, is unlikely to succeed, but a pretext for the conclusion in the space of thermonuclear weapons is obvious. Apparently, the U.S. focus on militarization of space,” Rogozin wrote on Twitter.

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Previously, Musk has offered to create the conditions for terrestrial life on Mars, carrying out a large series of thermonuclear explosions on the poles of the planet. According to his theory, the frozen carbon dioxide, which comprises the ice caps of the poles of Mars, will begin to evaporate. Gas makes the atmosphere denser and will cause the greenhouse effect, the temperature of it will rise.

Executive Director of the Russian space Agency on promising programs and science Alexander Bloshenko, commenting on the idea of a Mask, in an interview with TASS said that this programme must start not less than 10 thousand missiles to the poles of Mars. The head of SpaceX responded to the words of the representative of the Russian space Agency on Twitter. “No problem,” he wrote.

Previously Rogozin said that he does not want to unite efforts of the Russian state Corporation with the activities of the company SpaceX Elon musk, because he works for the defense of the United States, and they deployed satellite constellation when Starlink to be used for military purposes.

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