Must watch! 15 Netflix TV shows not to be missed

The production of content cost Netflix in 2018 to $ 8 billion is more than the annual budgets of some small but proud countries. The money the company spent on the production of 700 original movies and series: it is the quantity of service plans to attract new subscribers and of course to keep the old one (while Amazon and Disney comes on the heels). Let’s hope not at the expense of quality.

And while we offer you a selection of the 15 TV series Netflix that you should definitely watch.

Korona / The Crown

2 seasons, 20 episodes

This is the series for thoughtful viewing, so don’t expect him dashing plot twists or simple conversations. In spite of the leisurely narrative, “Crown” captures the attention from the first minute — first of all, thanks to the stunning direction and acting.

In the first two seasons shown early reign of Elizabeth II: the way she lined up the communication with Winston Churchill experienced the difficulties of marriage, taken in Buckingham Palace by Chet Kennedy. Series renewed for two seasons, in which we see Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana, but in General the authors plan to remove six seasons and talk about the Queen’s reign up to the present time.

Audience favorite Claire Foy and Matt Smith (in the role of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Edinburgh) in the continuation does not appear in connection with the growing up of the characters of the castes will be updated every two seasons. In the third season in the role of Prince Philip, we will see a star Outlander Tobias Menzies, Elizabeth II will play Olivia Colman and her sister Princess Margaret Helena Bonham Carter.

“Hunter mind” / Mindhunter

1 season, 10 episodes

TV series by David Fincher based on the book by John Douglas — a former FBI agent in the Bureau was to create profiles of criminals, describing their habits and way of thinking, trying to predict their actions. He interviewed the most notable serial killers of the last time — including Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and John Gacy.

Critic “three-act” film Fincher shot sticky series, which focused on the development of the characters. He shows the famous maniacs of the type of Manson, and perhaps the only serial killer in the series — necrophiliac ed Kemper, ordinary, quiet-eyed, the complete opposite of Hannibal Lecter. Who would think that “Hunter’s mind” too much talk and too little action, but what else to expect from the series, filmed on the basis of leadership communication with psychopaths? By the way, he will be a second season.

“Very strange things” / Stranger Things

2 seasons, 17 episodes

This series is crazy half the world, and played it young actors have become superstars and signed on large projects — for example, next year we will see Finn Wolfhard in the film adaptation of “the Goldfinch” Donna Tartt. This is a spectacular and incredibly moving homage to the culture of the 1980s: the films of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Stephen king and other important works of the period.

The action takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins in the state of Indiana, where suddenly lost the little boy. His family and friends embark on a quest, but accidentally reveals a dark secret involving the government, the mystical creatures and a little girl with superpowers.

Black mirror / Black Mirror

4 seasons, 19 episodes

Although the last season has received mixed reviews from critics, it is still one of the best sci-Fi TV series that explores modern society and how it is influenced by technology.

In early March Netflix has confirmed it will work on its fifth season. Scenes from “Black mirror” is already partially realized, for example, in the series “Dive” (Nosedive, 1 series, 3 season) shows a world in which each resident has a private social rating with scores from 1 to 5, which is based on the estimates of others. A similar system is now being tested in China — it will track the degree of loyalty of citizens through an analysis of their accounts, the data about the user actions on the Internet and other sources. People with low rating will not be able to get a government job, they can refuse any service, or more to inspect at the customs.

Narco / Narcos

3 seasons, 30 episodes

About the rise and fall of the most notorious drug Lord in the world, Pablo Escobar was said and filmed a lot, but the authors of “Drug” managed to find its own angle of view: leaving out the many biographical facts, they focused on the fact below in all its glory to show Colombia the 1970s and 80s, the poverty of the people, their fear and worship of the “cocaine king”, cruelty and unscrupulousness of the cartel and those who are against him fighting.

In the series, a lot of blood, the Spanish language and documentary inserts, but there is no obsession with personality Escobar — what is good for him. Now Netflix is preparing a fourth season, which was marred by threats from family, Escobar, and the murder of assistant producer of the series in the state of Mexico.

“Master of all trades” Master of None

2 seasons, 20 episodes

Funny series about how little success the 30-year-old actor of Indian origin trying to build a career in new York and spends time with friends. This is a show for easy viewing, but the authors do not ignore serious topics, presenting them without undue moralizing, using a very recognizable situations. The lead actor (and part-time showrunner) Aziz Ansari is now one of the most popular comedians on TV, and actually he takes the show about himself. It turns out he is fine.

“Orange — hit of the season” / Orange Is the New Black

6 seasons, 78 episodes

The most popular show Netflix (from the original) in the summer of 2018 have reached the sixth season. This is a story about life in a women’s prison, based on his autobiography American Piper Kerman. The show begins with the fact that the heroine is in prison because of the stormy antics of youth, and already behind bars again reveals itself. At first glance a simple story about the fact that not all criminals are bad, is cluttered with many side storylines and raises issues of sexual, racial, religious relations.

“Horse Bodzek” / BoJack Horseman

5 seasons, 60 episodes

In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals and people eked out their existence horse Bodzek — the former star of the popular sitcom Horsin’ Around, which is going through a midlife crisis and desperately trying to regain its former glory. In the animated series a lot of banter over today’s TV and jokes in the spirit of “family Guy”, but at the same time, it touches on such sad topics as drug addiction, alcoholism and depression.

Private pleasure “Horse Bodzek” deliver those who are accustomed to watch a TV show in the original: in the series of characters voiced by celebrities. For example, in the voice of a slacker, Todd Chavez easily guessed Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pickman in the series “breaking bad” and the ex-girlfriend of Bojaca, anthropomorphic deer, Charlotte, says the voice of Olivia Wilde. In addition, in the series there are other stars in the image of ourselves — from Daniel Radcliffe to Paul McCartney.

October 30, 2018 was extended for a sixth season

Glitter / GLOW

1 season, 10 episodes

In 1986, in the Wake of growing popularity of wrestling in the United States on American television appeared to show about female wrestlers — Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the participants of which was a budding actress, dancer and cascaders. 30 years later, Netflix decided to revive this story, with its recognizable images from the 1980s.

The main character is an unemployed actress Ruth Wilder, who out of desperation decided to play in the series about women wrestlers. Trying to pull a low-budget show, participants GLOW make friends, fall in love, quarrel and break up. Series with a half-hour series renewed for a second season.

“House of cards”

5 seasons, 65 episodes

The sixth and final season of “house of cards” Robin Wright is pulled alone her character Claire underwood became the protagonist after the dismissal of Kevin spacey because of a sex scandal. The series, which excite the imagination in the first three seasons, the end began to play real politics and ceased to amaze with unexpected plot twists and interesting characters, who could compete with Frank Underwood.

All this led to the fact that the fifth season of the series, thanks to which, in principle, the term binge-watch (“binge viewing”), were able to inspect only the loyal fans. However, to watch “house of cards” still stands — after all, this is an important phenomenon in the history of modern television. November 2, 2018 came 6th in the final season of the series.

“American vandal” / American Vandal

2 seasons, 16 episodes

If you are not afraid of conspicuous vulgarity and abundance of Mat, feel free to include. The plot of the series — a monstrous act of vandalism in American schools: the unknown painted a giant dick on the 27 cars in the Parking lot. Suspicion falls on the main local scumbag Dylan Maxwell, he was expelled from school, but some students doubt of his guilt, and begins his own investigation. Seriously talking about childish, the show brilliantly parodies of the detective drama like “Creating a killer”.

“Honey white” / Dear White People

2 seasons, 20 episodes

Series about four black students and the challenges they face in a predominantly white University in the ivy League. From the title and synopsis may think that a show dedicated exclusively to race relations, but it is not. The racial question is, of course, is the basis of the story, but the series is much deeper than it seems at first glance.

“Honey white” talk about the search of identity and what factors influence its formation. Critics are praising this show for wittily written characters and a narrative style — as in “Big little lies”, then for each event there are several different points of view.

“She’s grace” / Alias Grace

CBC in Canada, Netflix in the world

mini-series, 6 episodes

Another series based on the novel by canadian writer Margaret Atwood, published a few months after the incredible success of “the handmaid’s Tale”. Based on real events, “She grace” tells the story of 16-year-old maid, grace marks — immigrant from Ireland, which was charged with the murder of her employer Thomas Kinnear and his governess.

The action takes place in the mid-nineteenth century: grace is serving a life sentence in the town of Kingston, but after a few years for good behavior transferred to serve in the house of the prison. Young maid charms of his wife and her friends, who together with the local priest going to get a pardon. Crime story at the core of the series — just an excuse to talk again about the woman who becomes a victim of circumstance and the whims of strangers.

“The end of this ***tion of the world” / The End of The F***ing World

Channel Four in the UK, Netflix in the world

1 season, 8 episodes

The British series is about two troubled teenagers, one of whom fancies himself a psychopath, and the other believes that hates all around. Them together brings the total indifference of others, and in an attempt to find some meaning in life, they steal a car and go towards adventure. In the best tradition of the road movie they fall in a bloody mess, the events grow like a snowball and lead to touching, but sad ending.

The second season of this series is scheduled to release in 2019.

“The Ozarks”

Season 2, 20 episodes

The story of the quiet accountant, served in the drug trade, often compared to the TV series “breaking bad” — and not without good reason: the plot is the same little man who decided that enough was enough. At some moment the life of the main character cause he is in a dark garage at gunpoint, but he kept his composure and showing amazing calm, finds a way out of the situation. So he is in the city of Ozark in the state of Michigan, where he will launder millions under pain of death, their own and their families.

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