Scientists warn that fitness classes can be the focus of the spread of coronavirus

One of the key foci of the spread of coronavirus can be fitness classes held indoors — scientists warn.

According to researchers from South Korea, in February, only one occupation led to the contamination COVID-19 112 people.

Training related to the spread of the virus, was present from 5 to 22 people. They usually took place in confined spaces and lasted about an hour. Of the 30 trainers who conducted classes from 8 in the end diagnosed COVID-19. With only half of the infected people was in the classroom.

According to experts, there are several factors because of which a virus can spread so rapidly during exercise.

“The moist, warm indoor air in combination with the turbulent air flow generated during exercise, may contribute to more active transfer of aerosols”, — they explain.

The only exception are classes in yoga and Pilates. According to the authors of the study, none of those they caught — probably due to the fact that classes require less physical activity.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in South Korea recorded 11,065 thousand cases of coronavirus. 263 of them fatal.


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