“I can’t”: a tramp who has put forward the ultimatum

«Я не могу позволить»: Трамп выдвинул ВОЗ ультиматумDonald trump who has put the ultimatum: the organization needs to change the format of the work within one month, or Washington to finally cease its funding. In addition, Washington will withdraw its membership in who. According to the President of the United States, he cannot allow taxpayers ‘ money to support an organization that does not represent the interests of America.

The world health organization (who) needs to make changes to their work and to prove independence from the people’s Republic of China (PRC). Otherwise the United States will completely cease funding and withdraw their membership in it. This is stated in the letter of the President of the United States Donald trump Chapter who Tedrow Gebreyesus posted on Twitter the American leader.

“I can’t let the dollars of American taxpayers to continue to Fund the organization [who], which in its current state so obviously does not represent the interest of America,” said trump.

He gave who a period of 30 days to “remedy the situation”. In addition, trump accused who mistakes in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus “because of dependence on China.” In his opinion, this has led to the pandemic situation, when COVID-19 spread across the planet.

The US President in the letter said that the who “consistently ignored” credible information about the virus in Wuhan last December “or even earlier” by refusing to consider information that differed from the official Chinese position.

Who, according to trump, many times made statements with gross errors and declared a deliberate lie. As an example, he cited a statement from 14 January, when who confirmed the statement from the Chinese leadership that “the virus cannot be passed from person to person”. The US leader also suggested that the head of the Chinese Communist party, XI Jinping pressured the who to it did not declare the outbreak an “emergency”, but in the end, the organization was forced to do it.

In this case, said Donald trump, who constantly defended the Chinese authorities declared their actions transparent. Finally, he reproaches in his letter to the who for refusing a public call for China to investigate the circumstances of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

In early may, the Department of homeland security (DHS), the United States stated that the Chinese authorities deliberately concealed part of the data about the dangers and spread of a new type of coronavirus. In the report for internal use of the Agency said that the Chinese leadership did it to stock up on medical supplies.

In particular, the PRC did not timely notify the who about the degree of infectivity of the coronavirus, says us intelligence. At the same time, the Chinese authorities have become increasingly active in purchasing medical masks, and respirators, reducing the volume of export of medical. It is worth emphasizing that it is unknown how the intelligence agencies have made similar conclusions about the actions of China.

Shortly before this the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph reported that the intelligence services of Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and the UK I suspect the Chinese authorities in the long concealment and destruction of data on the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan.

The Chinese leadership supposedly to silence doctors reporting on new infections, destroying the biomaterial from laboratories, refused to provide all information professionals who are working on a vaccine.

Then U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo in an interview with ABC News stated that COVID-19 began to spread around the world from the Wuhan laboratory — and now “the whole world can see”.

29 April, Deputy head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Le Yucheng said that China regrets the use of “some politicians” of the crisis with the coronavirus for “defamation” of China.

We also recall that in mid-April, trump has decided to suspend us funding of the who. According to him, the organization had to point out that China is poorly informed international community about the spread of the virus. Instead, the organization “praised Beijing for the so-called transparency”. The American leader has repeatedly called the coronavirus, “China virus” and the U.S. government accused the Chinese Communist party in concealing information on the origin and infectivity of coronavirus.


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