Cake-Cold dog on New 2018

Торт Холодная собака на Новый 2018 год

A lot, a lot of trouble with the hostess at a New year’s eve! Only one holiday table is worth – so much to do to prepare, as much as my head is spinning. Appetizers, salads, side dishes, and cake you’ll ever need. So when, say, they engage in among all this turmoil? Involuntarily the thought creeps in: maybe ready to buy? No, in this holiday I want everything to do with their hands, serve it home-cooked meals made with love.

“Well,” sighs the tired hostess, — will, apparently, roll up your sleeves. And, okay, the works were not in vain. And in fact, as often happens: for new year’s table is that it to the cake and not get it. Try-try, and well-fed and happy guests at the end of the celebration claim that they have plenty already there for dessert.

Торт Холодная собака на Новый 2018 годDo not worry. We have for you in stock an interesting recipe of cake, which for its preparation will require the minimum of effort. Tell you a secret: deal with it, even your grown children. Honestly, even his oven don’t have to!

Cold Dog is not only insanely delicious, but also incredibly beautiful. Being cut in even pieces, she looks at the festive table, like a delicious dish. No one will guess that you spent cooking something for nothing time and effort. And so the symbol of the coming year Yellow earth dog – you will be very grateful that you will respect her personal dessert.

I love cooking these quick cakes, my site even has an article — a cake without baking of biscuits, where you will find 5 different recipes.

So, let’s get down to business.

How to cook cake “cold dog”

I must say that classic German recipe is cooked with cream of raw eggs. If You don’t want to add them to the cream, then You perfect the recipe with cream of chocolate, it will tell below.

We will need:

  • A pound of cookies a rectangular or square shape. Choose butter or sand.
  • A couple of eggs. If you bought small eggs, then take 3 pieces.
  • Half standard packs of cocoa powder (approximately 50 g).
  • Incomplete a Cup of sugar.
  • A pack of butter.
  • Vanilla.

Let’s get to cooking

In advance remove from the refrigerator butter, put it in a bowl and leave at room temperature. It has thoroughly melted and become quite soft. To expedite the process, the oil can melt.

Торт Холодная собака на Новый 2018 годBreak the eggs into a separate deep bowl and beat with a whisk or electric mixer, gradually adding the sugar until you use the whole Cup.

Торт Холодная собака на Новый 2018 год

Watch carefully so that the sugar is completely dissolved and egg mixture – then the next cream is of a smooth texture.

Tip: the powdered sugar dissolves much faster in liquid than regular sugar. Therefore, if you want to further reduce the cooking time of the cake, use it. Powdered sugar shouldn’t be shopping. It is easy to make at home, chopped in a coffee grinder and regular sugar.

After the eggs are whipped with sugar, start to pour in a lot of cocoa powder, continuing to whisk everything thoroughly. Take your time, pour in small portions. It is important that the cream that no lumps of cocoa. So act carefully: put a little whipped – slipped again.

Торт Холодная собака на Новый 2018 годWhen the connection process cocoa with the egg mass is complete, we will begin to mix, the resulting chocolate liquid with butter. Oil to this point, we should already be very soft.

Are the same as with cocoa: add the butter to the chocolate mass in small portions, whisking continuously. So we will achieve uniformity of the cream. In the end don’t forget to put in the chocolate cream vanilla.

Now take the appropriate form and line a rimmed it with plastic wrap in 2-3 layers. Satilite not only the bottom of the form, but also its wall. Cover the bottom of a chocolate cream.

Торт Холодная собака на Новый 2018 годTake the biscuits and gently place it into the form in a single layer. Cover the chocolate cream.

Торт Холодная собака на Новый 2018 год

Add next layer of cookies. Again, generously cover with cream. Continue alternating layers until cookies end.

The top layer can be coated with the same chocolate cream, and you can melt 50g of milk chocolate in a water bath, and pour on top of the cake with this frosting. If desired, you can decorate the top cake with fruit pieces, coconut, nuts.

The form with the cake cover with cling film and leave in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, and if you have time some more. The longer stand, there are better saturated.

Tip: before you put the cookies in the shape and sandwiching it with cream, you can lightly grease each biscuit top with rum, brandy, or strong sweet coffee. Then our homemade “cakes” better is soaked with cream, and the cake will come out more tender.

When the time comes to serve our Cold Dog, remove the dessert from the mold and place on a beautiful dish, it is better white, without any drawings. If You didn’t, then now is the time to baste it with melted chocolate.

Торт Холодная собака на Новый 2018 год

In General, this cake, despite its simplicity, very beautiful and incredibly delicious.

Торт Холодная собака на Новый 2018 год

Cake is a cool dog cream without eggs

If you don’t want to add cream raw eggs, such as cake will have children, and the eggs you store, it is easy to prepare dessert with another cream. All the details in the video where it is prepared for children.

He’s always eaten without a trace, so likely the next day you again want to cook it, in order to continue to please yourself and loved ones. Fortunately, preparing this miracle is very easy and fast. Enjoy!

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