The first phase of testing a vaccine against the coronavirus in humans is successful

A company from Cambridge (Massachusetts) Moderna, which collaborates with the National institutes of health to develop vaccines against coronavirus, reported encouraging results from the phase 1 human trials.

In a press release, Moderna announced that after testing the vaccine on eight subjects in the low and the medium dose of all subjects in the blood have antibodiesthat can fight coronaviruses.

Three patients who received the higher dose reported a “systemic” symptoms due to the vaccine but, according to the company, all side effects were “temporary and solvable”, and none was serious.

During the phase 2 tests will focus on two dosage levels. The results of these tests will help in understanding the dose for the large-scale phase 3, tentatively scheduled for June.

“We are investing in the expansion of production to maximize the number of doses that can be produced to help protect as many people as possible from SARS-CoV-2”, – said General Director of the Moderna Stefan Bansal.


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