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The fed predicts new wave of crisis. Pull if it is for bitcoin?

In its latest financial stability report, the fed stated that a global pandemic has a negative impact on the unstable financial situation in the world. The Federal reserve does not exclude the possibility of a second wave of the collapse of the markets.

Some experts believe that the traditional market still has a strong influence on the price of the cryptocurrency. Despite the decline in the correlation of bitcoin with traditional assets, the collapse of the stock market may bring cryptocurrency.

Most traders keep only a small portion of investments in the cryptocurrency. In the fall of stock indices, they can start to get rid of risky assets, converting them into Fiat.

On the other hand, the more Central banks trying to manipulate the stock and currency markets, the more uncontrolled is the economic situation. As a result, traders and investors choose markets where there is no political interference. Cryptocurrency market is far enough from the decisions of the Federal reserve, he may be one of the last havens of free trade.

The price of the first cryptocurrency grows from mid-March. Starting from a minimum of $3800 and trying to update the annual maximum, price Vsegda reached $9800. In parallel, the correlation BTC with the S&P 500 index fell from 0.53 to 0.15 points.

Cryptanalysts believe that halving of bitcoin in contrast to the unlimited emissions fed directly proves its value.

Recently Robert Kiyosaki explicitly stated that scriptactive will grow rapidly because of the incompetence of the Federal reserve system, because trillions of dollars are printed every day.


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