Spectacular GIF-restoration: how did British castles in the time of its prosperity

In our time, from medieval castles are mostly in ruins and romantic memories. Some of them are so destroyed that it is difficult to see how they looked originally when they lived kings and counts. Now modern information technologies allow us to restore practical any building, and you do not need building materials.

With the help of a sensible architect and computer financial company “Financial Contact” carried out an interesting project of reconstruction of the 6 European castles. The result of their work they showed in the GIF-animations, and it turned out very effectively. In just a few seconds you can see the ruins turn into a full building. We offer you to look at these fascinating transformation.

Dunluce castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Castle Dunstanburgh, Northumberland, Scotland

Bothwell castle, County of South Lanarkshire, Scotland

Goodrich castle, Herefordshire, England

The castle of Caerlaverock, County of Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

The castle of Kidwelly, the state Dyved, Wales

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