“Not an icon, not an idol”: the end of the year the presidency Zelensky

«Не икона, не идол»: итоги года президентства ЗеленскогоA year ago the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky. May 20, 2019, the Ukraine headed by people who had no political experience and weight. Its main task Zelensky called the end of the war in the Donbass. The results of his work in this direction cannot be assessed unequivocally. For the rest of the questions the President has made some progress and stumbled on failure. “Газета.Ru” about what marked the first year of his presidency, Vladimir Zelensky.

A year ago the President of Ukraine was Vladimir Zelensky — people who did not have any political experience. At the same time, Zelensky still had to do with politics, though very indirect, is one of his last creative projects in the status of entertainer was produced by them the TV series “servant of the people” in which he played a major role. In 2015 Ukrainians of television watched school history teacher, Vasily Goloborod’ko, who became President — for several seasons he fights corruption, is opposed to the influence of the oligarchs, carries out reforms and trying their efforts to save the country.

Basil Goloborodko during his inauguration speech acknowledged that nothing about politics, but not necessarily understand.

“I know one thing you need to do so that then not be ashamed to look in the eyes of children. Well, parents. Well, all of you, of course,” — said on-screen character.

After the premiere of the series on Ukraine caution began to discuss that perhaps Zelensky is preparing to nominate his candidacy in future elections, but these rumors were not.

31 December 2018 on the channel of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky is the traditional speech of the President of Petro Poroshenko for a few minutes before the New year, the Ukrainians asked Vladimir Zelensky and announced his plans to run for President of the country. Further events will be long remembered throughout the world as the confrontation of power and has nothing to do with the policies of showman, in which enormous triumph won by the latter.

As Zelensky entered on a post of the President

20 may 2019 the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky. His speech during the ceremony made it clear — at least of Ukrainians expect an eloquent and effective speech of the President.

His inaugural speech Vladimir Zelensky started with his work in this position will be the presidency of every Ukrainian, including his six year old son.

“Just — I’m not the oath. Each of us laid his hand on the Constitution and each of us swore allegiance to Ukraine. I really want to see in your classrooms was not my images. Because the President is not an icon, not an idol. The President is not a portrait. Hang in there pictures of their children, and before each solution to look into the eyes of them”, — he said in the beginning of his speech.

His first presidential term, the Ukrainian leader has really opened up effectively. He announced the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada in which the majority was held by the supporters of Poroshenko and representatives of the former government, called on Parliament to dismiss the head of the security Service, the defense Minister and the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

In his inaugural address Zelensky several times passed on Russian — he urged not to divide Ukrainians, invited all who had left the country to return home, said the need to fight for the consciousness of the inhabitants of Crimea and Donbass, and also promised to give Ukrainian citizenship to all who are willing “to build a new, strong and successful Ukraine.”

Their main task Vladimir Zelensky called the cessation of the war in the Donbass.

“I can assure you: for the sake of our heroes never died, I’m prepared. And I’m not afraid to make difficult decisions, I am ready to lose its popularity, its ratings, and, if need be, I without hesitation ready to lose his position, so that only peace,

he said. — We did not start this war but this war to end. And we are ready for dialogue. And I’m sure a good first step to start this dialogue will be the return of all Ukrainian prisoners of war”.

As Zelensky ends the war in the Donbass

A willingness to dialogue Vladimir Zelensky really showed. At the initiative of Kyiv was held a few telephone conversations Ukrainian leader with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and on December 9, politicians met in person during the “Normandy summit” in Paris.

Price of the meeting was the adoption of Ukraine’s “formula Steinmeier” that cost the President a wave of protests nationalist part of society. However, no breakthroughs summit in Paris brought.

In the Treasury of its achievements in this area Vladimir Zelensky can make several successful exchanges of prisoners. The success of the President in the implementation of its main objectives is limited.

Although military action in the Donbass, and not experiencing an active phase, the situation on the front line is a little different from the one that proceeded in the last few years after the signing of the Minsk agreements, which, by the way, is also not making progress.

Kiev is still insisting on the unacceptability of the implementation of some points of the transmission line before the elections in Donbas, the recognition of special status of DND and LNR, Amnesty. It is still unclear in relation Zelensky nationalists

— after a wave of protests in connection with the “formula Steinmeier” the President has invited leaders of movements for a personal meeting, without consequences for them has passed and the disruption of breeding strength in Gold and Petrovsky.

As Zelensky improve external relations

As the person who has no political weight, Zelensky was extremely important to prove oneself in the eyes of Western partners. He made visits to Europe, met with the leadership of the European Union and talked with the leaders. The success of the President of Ukraine can be evaluated as a positive — Kiev still has strong support from the West.

Though it is necessary to make a reservation to Zelensky in Europe, still there were some issues after he was embroiled in the internal political vicissitudes in the United States.

This is not to say that the Ukrainian leader is to blame for the scandal. By and large, he has become a tool against Democrats and U.S. President Donald trump.

After allegations of representatives of the Democratic party that the American leader pressed on Zelensky to get dirt on his opponent in the presidential election, the White house released the transcript of a telephone conversation trump and Zelensky.

Evidence that the White house demanded that the Ukrainian leader of the investigation against Joe Biden, the transcript was not. However, Ukrainian and Western media wrote about the fact that Zelensky is too flattering communicates with trump, trying to please him. Damaged the reputation of the Ukrainian leader and the fact that the US President has published the transcript of the conversation with Zelensky, simply ignoring his opinion. Yet the publication of these documents is unprecedented in the history of world politics.

As Zelensky struggling with the former regime

“Spring will come – will be planted,” was one of the campaign slogans Zelensky. And this is his campaign promise to Ukrainian society has developed a consensus for planting Zelensky has not started.

Some Ukrainian media regularly covered the campaigns of Peter Poroshenko in for questioning, but he never received the status of a suspect in any of the numerous cases filed, by the way, not at the initiative of the authorities, and because of complaints to law enforcement agencies Ukrainian lawyer Andriy Portnov.

By and large, none of the representatives of the former government, except ex-President, the agenda for the SBU had received. Himself Zelensky explains that it is not competent to interfere in the work of law enforcement. However, in the spring, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the performance of their assigned forces.

“The President does not affect law enforcement. Unfortunately, no effect. If I did, some people would already feel it, said Zelensky on March 4, speaking in Parliament. — I want to make two security officers present. The first is the calendar. Let them know that it’s spring (a reference to the slogan of the campaign Zelensky. — “Газета.Ru”). Second — the criminal code. We have six bodies to ensure order. Soon to be seven nurses who have a child without an eye”.

As Zelensky trying to pick up the government

Zelensky had to change and the Cabinet, who have worked less than a year. On March 4, the Verkhovna Rada has sent in resignation of the government Alexey Goncharuk. Before that in the Parliament by the President, stating that it has been able to achieve some success, in particular, to eradicate corruption at the highest level.

“But this is not enough. Not stealing is not enough. New faces — this is not enough. Need a new brain and a new heart, said Zelensky, speaking before the deputies. — The economy took overclocking, but tripped and risks to drive the face of the earth.”

After that, the President of Ukraine criticized the government: the industry continues to contract, Ukrainians have not felt the reduction in utility tariffs in the country was not carried out the indexation of pensions, health reform “flies in the wall” the miners have not received their salaries, and the police do not fulfill properly their duties.

“This government has done more than all the others? I don’t know. It is rather bad past governments, not a plus to our,” finished the President with his speech.

The first year of his presidency, Vladimir Zelensky, undoubtedly, will be remembered with the reshuffle. The dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada during the inauguration was no surprise — the President has built his entire campaign on the fight with the government of Petro Poroshenko, moreover, all of the first initiatives Zelensky stubbornly blocked the Parliament.

The head of state showed the intention to completely renovate the ruling elite, and all were looking forward to who will be included in his government, because apart from already being at that time in the leadership of Ukraine officials, prominent politicians in the country. Zelensky made a bet on a spotless reputation.

In fact, however, it so happened that unpopular decisions of the Cabinet affected the President’s rating, as it was almost the only figure in the government with political weight.

As a result the first government formed by Vladimir Zelensky, worked for only seven months, and in March the President again embarked on a reshuffle. Shortly before his resignation was sent to the head of the office of the President Andrew Bogdan, who was considered the closest ally of Zelensky.

Peak staffing history was the appointment to the post of Chairman of the Executive Committee of reforms of former President of Georgia and former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili.

As Zelensky brings the country’s economy

One of the reasons for the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers Goncharuk became the history of non-payment of the salaries of Ukrainians in certain sectors of the economy.

In this direction, the President has shown mixed results.

At the end of last year the economy showed modest growth of 3%, and the hryvnia strengthened. However, at the end of 2019, statistics show a slowdown in industrial growth, and soon the country was faced with a pandemic and the need for quarantine.

However, in may, Kiev still breathed more freely when it was done the last condition of the IMF — the bill banning the return of nationalized banks to their owners (the initiative is largely aimed at Igor Kolomoisky, who has provided great support Zelensky during the election campaign).

Prior to this, the President has virtually pushed through Parliament a land reform, involving the sale of land to foreigners, but only after approval through a referendum. The initiative has caused a wide public resonance, its discussion lasted in Parliament since November and was accompanied by scuffles. Now, however, in the near future Ukraine expects the first tranche from the IMF, the volume of the program is still unknown.

The economic situation in the country really poses the question of assistance from the IMF in the category of priority.

For 2020, Ukraine should pay $17 billion foreign debt. Kiev is in difficult circumstances, particularly given the pandemic coronavirus.

As Zelensky struggling with COVID-19

Of course, the outbreak of the coronavirus came Zelensky was not the way and became for him an unexpected challenge. Ukraine, like many other countries were the epidemic is not ready. The media was informed about the new problem — a shortage of masks, resuscitators in hospitals and protective clothing for doctors, protests in some regions due to the arrival of evacuees from China citizens of Ukraine who work during the quarantine in the center of Kiev restaurant owned by Nikolay Tishchenko, Deputy of the party “servant of the people” and comrade Zelensky.

At the same time, the President acted during a pandemic, tough and quickly. The quarantine was introduced on March 11, and quickly restrictive measures were tightened, until the closing of the subway in major cities of the country. This means to minimize the damage that will be incurred by the economy, Ukraine does not have.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko for these reasons, for example, did not impose any restrictions, fearing a collapse in the economy. In this area Zelensky is still faced with the consequences, however, as to the health of citizens, he has put maximum effort.

According to the latest data, the country has identified 18 876 cases of coronavirus, of which 548 fatal. For comparison, in neighboring Belarus claim 31 508 infections. The number of cases in Ukraine did not exceed the calculated peak value of the health Ministry, the country now has started the gradual removal of restrictions.

The results of the work

In may the results of its study of the level of popularity of the President of Ukraine published by the group “Rating”. Your second year of the reign Zelensky opens at the top. According to the survey, the head of state is trusted by 57% of the population do not trust — 37%.

37% of citizens assess the first year of his presidency, Vladimir Zelensky satisfactorily. The number of those who do not approve or appreciate the results of the work of the President, was evenly divided — 31%. That is, unequivocally supports the policy of the President about one third of the Ukrainians.

Least Zelensky criticized in the West of Ukraine (26%), more in the East (39%). Another important indicator is the fact that almost 40% of the East of the country, region, advocated ending the war negatively assess the outcome of Zelensky. This fact suggests that the execution priority for the tasks it had set for itself, the head of state, Zelensky has not yet approached.


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