Scientists have suggested how the disease may protect against coronavirus

People who have never been infected COVID-19, may already have some form of immunity against coronavirus, if they previously had to fight off the flu. To such conclusion the Californian scientists.

Ученые предположили, какой недуг может защитить от коронавируса

The researchers analyzed 11 blood samples taken two years ago from people who were struck by another type of coronavirus, says the Daily Mail.

Half of these samples contained fighting disease T-cells that recognize the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the laboratory, and 20 percent of the samples contained cells that could kill the virus.

Scientists from the Institute of immunology La JOLLA in California say that it would be “tempting to suggest” that the cold can offer some form of immunity.

But this assumption remains to be proven. However, this theory may explain why some people are almost not affected by the virus, while other severely sick or die.

Institute of immunology, La JOLLA is one of three institutions that are the Foundation of bill and Melinda gates Foundation has allocated $ 20 million for the study of coronavirus.

Scientists conducted the study also showed that patients with COVID-19 demonstrated a strong immune response to the virus, according to the researchers, is a good omen for the development of vaccines.

The study, conducted by the Institute for immunology La JOLLA in California, studied blood samples taken from 20 patients with COVID-19, recovered about 30 days after appearance of their symptoms.

Published in the journal Cell the results of the study showed that patients (all adults) showed strong antiviral immune response to the coronavirus.

It looks very promising as it indicates that people can be protected when it will once again infected with coronavirus.

The blood of the patients contained T cells – white blood cells crucial to the immune system.

Cells known as “T-killer” struggling with the pathogen, while the “T-helper” signal of the action in other parts of the immune system, when they see that cell is captured.

Study co-author Dr. Shane Crotti said: “Our data show that virus causes what you would expect from a typical, successful antiviral response. People are very concerned about the possibility that COVID-19 does not cause immunity, and reports of re-infection of humans strengthened these concerns, but now the knowledge that the average person gives a solid immune response, has largely put an end to these fears”.

At the next stage of the study, researchers took frozen blood samples from people who participated in an unrelated research between 2015-2018.

The new coronavirus appeared only at the end of 2019, so these people never were exposed to it. However, some blood samples also contained T cells that recognize the virus and respond.

The findings suggest that previous infection by other coronaviruses, such as those that cause colds, could provide some level of protection from COVID-19.

Scientists believe that this may reflect some degree of cross-pre-existing immunity to the coronavirus SARSCoV-2 some, but not all people.

“Given the severity of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19, any degree of cross-reactive immunity to the coronavirus can have a very significant impact on the overall course of a pandemic and is a key detail that should be noted by the epidemiologists as they attempt to consider how seriously COVID-19 will affect the community in the coming months,” says Dr. Crotti.


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