Fantastic landscapes out of food. This is the same

People think of Carl Warner’s a little strange: he can spend hours looking at vegetables in supermarkets. Karl is the master of the genre foodscape (“the landscape of food”). In his paintings the mountains are made of bread, trees — it’s broccoli, the waves — cabbage leaves, and the role of stones takes a baked potato.

Photographer and Illustrator Carl Warner (Carl Warner) surprised the world with his paintings, created from food. We are impressed with his work and have collected for you the most impressive pictures. Enjoy.

1. Cottage Stilton

2. Tuscan market

3. Cabbage sea

4. Candy house


6. Cheese mountain


8. Sea lettuce

9. Salmon river, potato Bank

10. Isle of celery

11. Yellow oasis

12. Valley broccoli

13. The castle of white chocolate

14. Tuscan landscape

15. A forest of celery

16. Fishing port


18. Bradford City

19. Bridge of cucumber

20. One creating an edible landscape takes a few days. Difficulty putting some of the landscapes out of food is no different from writing oil paintings.

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