Doctors told the parents that their son will die within the hour

13-year-old Anthony Lawson felt unwell at the end of April, but only after several weeks was taken to hospital, where physicians diagnosed the children’s multi-systemic inflammatory syndrome (PMIS). The doctors warned your parents that every moment could be his last. It is reported by the SUN.

The boy’s mother told about the nightmare, that had to face their family: her son developed a rare disease associated with a coronavirus, from which he cried when his organs stopped working. Frightened parents, Anthony warned that their son could die within the hour.

Scientists in the UK found that the manifestations of this horrible syndrome requires about 14 days. It is characterized by vomiting, bloodshot eyes, weakness, swollen and red hands, rash, stomach pain and other symptoms.

It is assumed that the PMIS is associated with Covid-19, as sick children often detects antibodies to coronavirus.

The centers for control and disease prevention are going to release a warning about PMIS, as it has spread to 17 U.S. States.

Mother of Anthony, Theresa Lawson, said that the symptoms her son has begun with itchy eyes and a headache, which she just attributed to seasonal allergies. But two days later Anthony began vomiting and lost appetite. Teresa noticed that my son has a rash on his thigh.

The doctor advised the mother to give the boy “Benadryl” and to put him to sleep but a few hours later, the rash spread to his chest and became “dark purple”.

That same night Anthony began sweating profusely, his hands were blue, appeared vomiting.

Teresa also said that the whites of his eyes looked like they were “painted red”.

Then breath Anthony became so frequent that Teresa understood his need to get to the hospital.

In the hospital the doctors confirmed that the boy had cardiac and renal failure, but the test for Covid-19 was negative, so he was rushed by ambulance to the intensive care unit of the heart the Children’s hospital of Seattle.

“This must be some kind of mistake … a Few hours ago he was fine, – asked the doctor a frightened mother. – You will be able to cure him, and we’ll take him home, right?”

“This is extremely serious, – said the doctor. – And can lead to death.”

Five days later, Anthony appeared severe pain.

“He was just screaming. I didn’t recognize this child, ‘said the mother, adding that Anthony seems to have been continuous hallucinations. – We repeatedly said that he will not die in the next hour.”

On the fifth day the doctors used for the treatment of a drug called IVIG (a first-line drug for the treatment of Kawasaki disease).

According to mother, hallucinations, Anthony stopped, and he felt much better.

“I hope we coped with the worst”, said Teresa.

Anthony said that after these ordeals “it’s amazing to feel alive”.

Signs of a new children’s inflammatory multi-system syndrome “associated with Covid-19”

Based on the available early data, the experts found that children admitted to the hospital, had symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease, which include:

  • Pronounced rash.
  • Swollen glands in the neck.
  • Dry, chapped lips.
  • Red-and-blue fingers or toes.
  • Redness of the eyes.

Dr. Liz Whittaker from Imperial College London that has treated some children with PMIS, noted that they also had some other symptoms.

“These kids are usually hospitalitynet when they have high temperature does not break within a few days. Most of them were severe abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Some of the children had other symptoms: a rash, red eyes and red lips.

Have a very small group of these children develop what is called a shock, that is, affects the heart. These children feel very bad, they have cold hands and feet and shortness of breath. This is the group that needs to undergo intensive therapy and to quickly get emergency treatment.

Most children feel very unwell for four to five days, but then they go on the mend.”


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