A vaccine against the coronavirus: the US defense Department announced on time

Only by the summer of 2021 in the world can be an effective vaccine against the new coronavirus infection. It is therefore possible second outbreak of the virus. This opinion was voiced by the US defense Department.

The journalists Task & Purpose , citing a source in the defense Ministry, the US claim that soon we should expect a second wave of coronavirus infection. It will last until then, until you find an effective cure for the infection. It is possible that the drug will appear only by the summer of 2021, informs resource LigaNews.

Recently the US President Donald trump said that amid the outbreak of coronavirus, the government may reduce tax on the salary of 7.6 percent. Thus he hoped to soften the Americans the damage caused by the virus.

Simultaneously, the head of the White house may encourage employers who are ready to start the opening of businesses. “We have offered tax breaks on wages, so that people who return to work, given the reduction in payroll tax of 7.6% to their salary after tax has increased,” – said in the administration of the President of the United States.

It also became known that the company Mоderna continues to work on clinical trial of vaccines against coronavirus. During the test it has been proven that the more vaccines, the more antibodies the body produces.

In the patients who received higher dose of vaccine, were observed adverse reactions that were not life-threatening.


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