The split in Parliament: Makron lost the majority.

Раскол в парламенте: Макрон лишился большинстваThe party of the President of France Emmanuel Makron “Go Republic!” lost its absolute majority in the lower house of Parliament. It left seven deputies in connection with the fact that, in their opinion, party holds center-right policy. Created from representatives of both camps under the banner of Makron “neither right nor left” and the structure was doomed to a political color with the full support of the President of the country.

Party “Forward The Republic!” created around the President of France Emmanuel Makron, lost the absolute majority in the lower house of Parliament from its ranks came the seven deputies.

They created the parliamentary group “Ecology, democracy, solidarity” and plan to promote social and environmental agenda in the National Assembly. “Ecology, democracy, solidarity” is not a plan to support the majority or the opposition.

Priority in their work they call a transformation in the social sphere and environmental protection: “to respond to urgent situations in the environment, to modernize democracy, reduce social and territorial inequalities”.

Just a new group of 17 members, mostly politicians, leftist. “Ecology, democracy, solidarity” headed by Matthieu Orphelin and Paula Forteza, a former MP from the party of “go Republic!”

“I left. To stay that way, I have to leave LREM”, — said the Deputy Aurelien Tash French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

Since then, as in France sparked protests by “yellow jackets” in the ranks of the party of the President increases the gap between the members of the right and left wings. The latter are unhappy that, in their view, political power has not overcome the traditional gap and was largely right.

When the macron has announced the creation of his party in 2016, and then talked about the intention to move away from the traditional division into “right and left”, he publicly called “neither right nor left”. In practice, however, implement this idea failed. In 2018, the results of the study “Ifop” showed that half of French will take the party to the center-right or right spectrum and only 21% to the centrist.

As noted in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” researcher of the Department of European political studies of IMEMO ran, Pavel Timofeev, while the party of Makron fully supports its initiatives, it will be perceived by voters as center-right political force. And the initiative of French leader not associated with the agenda of social equality.

“In fact, after coming to power, the Makron, in General, has tackled a very difficult task — the reform of the French economy. And, as a professional economist, he undertook to solve this problem by improvement of Finance, bring order to balance the state budget, and, therefore, he proceeded to the reduction of state guarantees, social benefits package. The second point: all his behavior, macron made it clear that he shares the interests of business and believes that it is French, European transnational business is the people who should lead France in light of the transnational future of the XXI century. Solutions that were designed to support French business, naturally, caused discontent of the middle class and lower middle layers of society,” — said the expert.

With the reaction Makron has faced in 2018.

The increase in fuel prices, which the government has explained the concern about the environment, changing employment legislation, depriving students of privileges, the return of the practice of taxation of pensioners and caused a rise in unhappy moods, which was reflected in the protests of the “yellow jackets.”

And although the authorities tried to find a compromise, the movement is not ceased its activities, and the government of France gave him a pretext for new protests.

The last reason was the pension reform initiative, in particular, aimed at the abolition of the existing representatives of a number of professions special conditions for their early retirement or to qualify for higher payments. Despite the protests, macron said that its adoption is inevitable, although during the quarantine, he suspended the process.

The President of France, indeed, has set a very ambitious task: the macron is trying on the image of the reformer, whose inevitable fate — low popularity.

“He’s got his painful reforms in the first year, because at that time, after the election, he had a certain handicap in the eyes of the voter fora big winner over the nationalist marine Le Pen (leader of the national front, a rival of the Macron in the presidential elections. — “Газета.Ru”), a handicap of such a progressive young leader.

And he decided, as long as he has the presidential mandate to five years, but he should at least for the first two or three years to spend the most painful, the most difficult reforms to cut literally to the quick, to the elections he has the most difficult reforms have been, and from them would go a positive result,” — says Pavel Timofeev.

Anyway, but the French President is already far away from the agenda and even the rhetoric of politicians of the left. In French society over the Makron has the nickname “President of the rich” after he abolished the so-called “solidarity wealth tax” — it paid all the citizens of the Republic, whose total wealth exceeded €1.3 million.

“When Makron made speeches, he gave the impression of a cold, calculating technocrat who, first and foremost, concerned with numbers, state solutions, and which, in fact, have little interest in the insights of ordinary citizens. All this, coupled along the lines of his actions, of course, formed a fairly unsympathetic in the eyes of the voter left-image”, — says Pavel Timofeev.

The discontent of the left wing was predictable. When Emmanuel macron announced his candidacy for the presidency, he did not have his own party. “Go Republic!” was created in parallel with the way he conducted his campaign. When a politician won, then it was a month on its design because it was unclear how the rules will implement their ambitious ideas without support in Parliament.

“Not a center-right party of the Republicans or the party of socialists, which was associated with Francois Hollande, could not be considered as it support, so at that time this party was called, on the one hand, immigrants from the moderate wing of the center-right and socialist — dominated to two of the parties who have agreed to go to camp with the Macron, and besides, the party entered a huge number of different political and civil society activists,” — said the expert.

If the policy pursued by the President, the contradictions between the wings of the right and left flank could not pass unnoticed. That’s why politicians who do not want to associate myself with the painful reforms of the Makron, have left its ranks.

The government, however, does not agree with the opinion of the left party deputies.

“The economic goal of the mandate was very clear from the beginning — of fiscal discipline, razblokirovat the economy, making the labour market more flexible. We implemented the program in 2017, without departing from our center of gravity,” — said the representative of the government of Sibet Ndiaye Le Parisien newspaper.

In General, the departure of seven deputies is not critical for the party of the President. For the absolute majority she needed 289 seats. “Go Republic!” now has 288 votes. And although at the beginning of the presidential term of Macron she owned 314 places, the government still maintains a comfortable majority thanks to the support of 46 MPs from the Union of a MoDem group, headed by the mayor of Pau françois Bayrou.

However, for the party of Makron, there are other alarming signals. In March in France, the first round of municipal elections. Their results so far due to the fact that the second round was postponed indefinitely due to pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. However, according to polls by Harris Interactive x Agence Epoka dated 27 February, 44% of respondents ready to vote for candidates from the party “Europe Ecology Greens”, 38% support the Republicans, the presidential “Go Republic!” — 37% and completing the four socialists — 28% of the vote.

The April survey of public opinion Ifop showed that seven out of ten French people advocate that the government included representatives of other political forces.

Despite the fact that the withdrawal of deputies from “Go Republic!” is not critical for the government, this move was the first signal that the Rules attempt to create a Pro-presidential party for reform suffers some setbacks.


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