About the benefits of hugs

Embrace much healthier than it might seem at first glance. Studies show that embrace helps people both mentally and physiologically.

According to Virginia Satir (Virginia Satir), we need four hugs a day for survival, eight hugs a day for normal functioning, twelve hugs a day for growth and development.

1. In the 70-ies of XX century, researchers began to study the chemicals called endorphins, which were found in the circulatory and nervous systems. Endorphins are morphine-like substances that reduce pain and cause a feeling of euphoria.

2. Studies show that the number of these natural drugs produced by the brain and nervous system, increases when we hug.

3. Psychologists often say that modern man lacks physical intimacy with another living being, no matter whether it’s native people, the stranger…

4. …or just a cat.

5. The absence of such an innocent, asexual contact deprives people of the joy of life, leads to the fact that a person confined in a cage of his personality, loses a sense of intimacy with all humanity and contact with reality.

6. There is an area of the brain that is active in response to touch to the human skin. If a child hugging not enough, atrophied part of his brain and suffers his immune system.

7. Hugs in early childhood makes us capable of love. Kids under 7 years without a hug, may be unable to love others.

8. Of them usually grow up to be psychopaths, sociopaths, i.e. people who are at odds with society and prone to anti-social behaviour, as well as pathologically unfit for life.

9. Deep studies show that a startling discovery. Society, where few people embrace each other, become more aggressive. A study conducted by neuropsychologist James William Prisacom convincing evidence that children who are not kept on hand and which are not cared for, have a very large chance to grow killers.

Hugs bring joy and help both psychologically and physiologically not only to those who hug and those hugs:

10. — hugs strengthen the immune system;

11. — stimulate the Central nervous system;

12. — improve sleep;

13. — give strength;

14. — rejuvenate;

15. — relieve stress;

16. — increase the number of oxytocin — the hormone that relieves depression and reduces blood pressure, that is, reduces the risk of heart disease;

17. — raise the level of haemoglobin, strengthens the entire body, strengthens the immune system and speeds recovery from illnesses;

18. — increase self-esteem;

19. — bring positive emotions;

20. — get rid of the inner fears, depression, loneliness.

21. In the ancient Scriptures of the East, the arms are described as very important for any human action that have a healing and rejuvenating effect, in which there is an exchange of male and female energies. All the creatures around waiting for our warmth, kindness.

22. Find someone near, cuddle up and even for a few seconds stop to think about what you usually occupy your brain. Immerse yourself in his world, give him your silence and you won’t forget this feeling of mutual warmth and space of kindness.

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