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Steem has frozen the accounts of enemies Tron

Some of the users of the blockchain Steemit will lose their coins Steem with a total value of $ 5 million due to hard forks, held may 20.

At the end of last year SEO Tron Justin San bought a decentralized platform Steemit working on the blockchain Steem. And in February 2020 Steemit announced perejogina blockchain TRON.

Through a network of top exchangers the user Tron held a hard fork, which allowed to gain control over the network Steem.

A few weeks after purchase unhappy with the change of the Board of the community platform with the support of major Hodler STEEM Dan Hensley held softform and launched his own network called Hive. Holders Steem got the Hive tokens in a ratio of 1:1.

In twitcasting San changed the consensus blockchain Steem and blocked eight accounts, for a total of 17.6 million coins ($3.2 million). New hardform – sanctions against opponents of the seizure of the blockchain Foundation Tron. In the course of updates from accounts that are considered “direct threat” to the blockchain Steem, all funds are withdrawn.

Blockchain Steem works through a model of delegated proof of stake (DPoS) based on the delegation of coins user the so-called “witness”, for network management. 18 may it became known list of accounts, funds which will be frozen. Most of the owners of the frozen accounts openly criticized rukovodstvo Justin.

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